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Prestige Car Finance Products

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At Magnitude Finance, we have over 30 years of experience in offering a wide range of prestige car finance products

and are proud to have assisted thousands of people to get behind the wheel of iconic, luxury cars. Alongside an unparalleled level of service and a concierge team armed with expert knowledge – plus a keen eye for the best deals – we have access to over 20 lenders across the finance market. This lets us create a bespoke car finance package with flexible funding to suit your exact requirements, with some of the best and most competitive finance rates on the market. Buying a luxury vehicle is an important and rewarding experience, which is why we do our best to find the right lender for you.

We’re tried, tested, and trusted. That’s why our customer rating is 5/5 on Trustist.

With a broad range of attractive finance options and agreements to choose from, Magnitude’s concierge team is on hand to give you the keys to your dream car. As well as experts in vehicle finance, we’re a group of passionate supercar fans, with insider know-how that can tailor a finance package to suit you – for however long you want to stay in the driver’s seat. From the latest hypercar release to classic models, ranging across powerhouse names like Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari, and beyond, we have a wealth of industry experience that makes us one of the most prevalent voices in prestige finance solutions.

For the latest news and opinions from the luxury car finance sector and the supercar world at large, check out our buyer’s guides, reviews, and customer driving insights here

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Whether you are navigating the finance process for the first time or are looking to secure a finance quote for your next marque experience, we are here to help. With our Car Finance Academy, you can learn how to get the best out of your new or current car finance package from our expert team, covering topics such as tax, equity, model-specific issues, and classic car finance.

We hope to cultivate long-standing partnerships with first-time clients while continuing to grow successful relationships with existing customers, helping them create customised car finance packages that work for their precise requirements. Magnitude Finance has a proven track record in securing flexible finance options for a range of clients, including YouTuber Sam Fane of Seen Through Glass, who has financed a Mclaren 540 C, Ferrari 360, Porsche 911, Audi RS6 and the Alfa 4C with us.

Speak to a member of our concierge team today, or request a call back to talk to one of our independent experts at a time that suits you.   

We are here to help you start your personal Magnitude Finance journey. While you choose your dream car, we’ll find the best lender to procure it.

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What types of car finance do Magnitude Finance provide?


Whatever marque or make you’re looking for, Magnitude Finance provides a wide range of finance options to ensure that you receive the best possible service – and price – for your prestige vehicle. We aim to make the whole process simple, straightforward, and stress-free so that you can enjoy the feel and experience of your new purchase without worry. Our friendly and knowledgeable concierge team will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that you get the right advice and support whenever you need it.

Whether you get in touch by email, phone, or in person, we are on hand to discuss your requirements and recommend the ideal financing solution for your unique needs. Whatever the scope of your dream, we can create prestige car finance packages that will get you there.

Magnitude Finance is one of the best specialist prestige car finance brokers on the market – with access to over 20 lenders, leading to some of the best rates on the market thanks to relationships built over 30 years with many of them. When you have your eye on a high-value vehicle but don’t have the funds available at the time, or would rather keep that cash in the bank and explore other options, our range of car finance solutions – from PCP and Hire Purchase to a bespoke finance package –  can secure your next investment.

As prestige finance brokers, we connect you with an exclusive panel of lenders through our specialist network – the majority of which do not work with members of the public or general clients. Thanks to our winning combination of expert knowledge and unbeatable personalised service, we can offer you multiple products at once in comparison to a direct lender, giving you accurate finance solutions at better rates.

As independent car finance brokers, our first-class, person-led service allows you to centre your attention on what matters, while we source the most competitive deal for your funding.

If you’re keen to find out more about our finance packages, enter your details and get a no-obligation quote today by using our quick, easy and accurate car finance calculator.

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PCP Car Finance


If you’re looking for a car finance option at a lower fixed monthly rate than a traditional Hire Purchase, then a PCP – or Personal Contract Purchase – could be exactly what you’re after. PCP is one of the most popular and effective car finance products on the market – especially for clients looking to switch up their car on a regular basis.

PCP is often built upon a Hire Purchase agreement, which lets you pay for your luxury vehicle over a set period of time – usually two to five years. Starting with a flexible deposit of 10% to 20%, a fixed monthly payment is delivered over the course of a fixed term such as 36 to 48 months. At the end of this term, you’ll have three options: return the car with nothing further to pay (should the car be in good condition, as you could be responsible for any repairs), pay off the outstanding GMFV and keep the vehicle, or part exchange to use any outstanding equity against your next purchase.

But it is also important to note that, with a PCP agreement, monthly payments are based on the amount you plan to borrow minus the cost of the GMFV.

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Hire Purchase Car Finance


As one of the most simple funding options, a Hire Purchase agreement gives you the power to pay off your prestige vehicle over a fixed period without using a personal loan – with the vehicle being yours once that final monthly payment has been boxed off.

This is a fantastic solution for those looking to get – and keep – the keys to their dream car at the end of the agreement.

With this format, clients are essentially hiring their luxury car from us during the 2-5 years that the agreement is in motion, which is why it is sometimes known as a ‘Lease Purchase’ in the finance world.

From a flexible 10%-40% deposit taken at the start of your plan with a custom agreement length based around your current financial circumstances, a Hire Purchase Financing contract with Magnitude ensures that you get a deal that not only works for you, but with you.

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Hire Purchase + Balloon Car Finance


Opting for a Hire Purchase agreement with a Balloon payment marries together the benefits of PCP and HP – making it a great choice for clients looking to invest in classic cars or other collectible models with a reputable residual value, especially a limited-run performance car from a noteworthy manufacturer.

Choosing HP + Balloon allows clients to enjoy reduced payments on a month-by-month basis, with no age limit on the classic vehicle or prestige car at the end of the agreement – a condition that can be found on PCP packages. Starting off with a flexible deposit of between 10% and 30%, you can then proceed to pay for your prestige car over 36 to 48 months until the end of the agreement (much like a typical Hire Purchase finance plan) before choosing to part exchange or refinance the outstanding value of the car.

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Balanced Payment Car Finance


For the savvy investor and discerning collector, a Balanced Payment Plan offers an ultra-competitive rate for those with previous borrowing experience in the supercar sector and beyond.

In the same vein as our other finance packages, such as a Hire Purchase Plan, repayments are fixed and are made on a monthly basis. But this plan’s flexible nature, low deposit, and numerous tax benefits for our business clientele make it an attractive choice for those looking to invest while being mindful of their cash reserves – perfect for the collector who wants to keep the car at the end of their agreement.

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Using our luxury car finance calculator to work out the cost of a premium car

At Magnitude Finance, we know that buying a luxury car is an exciting and emotional time. These decisions are often months in the making, which is why your prestige car financing solution should meet the mark, every time. Whether you’re choosing to finance your car to keep, return it to the dealer, or part exchange it ahead of your next investment, you need a package that moves with you.

We offer financial advice and tailored services that go above and beyond, with a concierge team that takes pride in being able to create the best scheme for your individual requirements.

At Magnitude Finance, we don’t only innovate the prestige car finance market – but elevate it. That’s why we develop new ways to help our clients get the best finance option for their chosen vehicle, with on-site tools that get industry-leading results in just 60 seconds.

Wherever you are in your journey, the ability to get an accurate, no-obligation quote can make all the difference. Our car finance calculator can quote across a range of attractive finance options, such as PCP, balanced payment agreements, and hire purchase plans – giving you straightforward numbers to use on performance and prestige vehicles.

All you have to do is input your registration or car details, such as the year, make, model and spec, and we’ll do the rest.

We know that your time is precious. So to save one of your most crucial resources, all of our calculators use cookies to remember the previous finance calculation – so you don’t have to keep re-entering all of your details. You can also choose to send the estimate to an email address by clicking the ‘message’ icon, so your report is always on hand for future reference.

Our Car Finance Calculator is regularly updated so that our clients never miss out on the latest vehicle launches. Should you be experiencing an issue in obtaining an estimate, it may be that the vehicle is no longer available. This typically occurs when customers are enquiring about older prestige vehicles and their residual values. If our database no longer includes the vehicle you’re looking for, the formula will struggle to run the numbers and provide a clear and accurate figure – which can also occur when a car is too new, due to data constraints.

In either instance, if you need a number fast on a vehicle that is not displaying, simply get in touch and one of our team will be able to handle your query directly.

For clients with pre-existing finance agreements in place, we also offer a Car Finance Settlement Calculator that can quickly and easily compute the outstanding balance on any loan.

If you are a Magnitude customer looking to settle an agreement early on your personalised finance package, get in touch with us directly for exact figures.

Our formula, working on the assumption that you are under a Regulated Agreement and all payments to date have been made on time, produces an accurate figure based on the information given. We ask you to note that further penalties may be accrued on non-regulated agreements and for late payments, which will not be taken into consideration by the calculator.


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What types of cars can we structure finance deals for?

At Magnitude Finance, we offer specialist lending solutions across a wide range of supercar, classic and top-range marque cars. As a group of people who appreciate the thrill and feeling of owning a prestige vehicle, we love to help our clients find the perfect fit for their financing needs.

As an independent finance broker, we offer a first-class concierge approach to bespoke funding – working on behalf of our customers to ensure they get exclusive access to some of the best rates on the market. Working on behalf of some of the biggest names in sports, business, media, and beyond, we know that your time is incredibly important – which is why our attention to detail and trusted relationships with a panel of reputable lenders cut the stress out of securing the best funding packages for prestige vehicles.

Our cohesive service allows us to structure specialist lending for a number of cars, sourcing finance for older vehicles, classic cars, or even exotic models, such as supercars or hypercars. Just some of the models and marques we have successfully secured finance for include: Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus, BMW, and many more – including top-of-the-range electric models from Tesla and Polestar.

We know that some collections go beyond cars. At Magnitude, we have spent years carefully building tried-and-trusted partnerships with expert lenders that can examine other financial prospects such as high-value passion assets and aircraft. Should you require an alternative finance quotation from our team, the easiest way is to get in touch for a friendly, no-obligation chat to discuss your individual needs and goals.

As Magnitude Finance obtains funding options from a dedicated panel of lenders – who have worked extensively with those in the entrepreneurial or esteemed market – we usually finance cars over £25,000. If you wish to borrow less, our team can still potentially help by offering trusted advice and recommendations to high-street lenders who can supply you with the smaller balance at a great rate.

With a team of financial experts (and self-confessed petrol heads) on hand, we can also provide further services beyond the creation of funding packages. When it comes to refinancing your current prestige vehicle, we can help you get the best offer while taking the stress and strain out of the job. Whether you are looking to get the most out of your classic car investment by releasing equity or need to alter a deal with an upcoming balloon payment, our advisors can research, arrange and complete your next refinancing deal.

Get in touch with our concierge team today by emailing office@magnitudefinance.com or calling 01943 660703 to shift your finance into a higher gear.

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  • At Magnitude Finance, we specialise in helping our clients purchase the vehicles of their dreams by securing money from an established panel of lenders. Some aspects between leasing and financing can seem very similar – but it’s important to remember which one is which while you search for the best solution for your individual needs.

    Car finance is different from traditional car leasing, which works in the same way as renting a car for a long-term period of time. During the lease agreement, predetermined amounts are paid back to the lender on a monthly basis – similarly to a number of car finance packages – but in this case, the vehicle is returned to the finance provider at the end of the lease period. Because of its ‘rental’ nature, you cannot make any modifications or cosmetic changes to the car outside of repairs as you may be charged.

    With our finance packages, at the end of the agreement you own the vehicle, unless you choose to return it to the lender or part exchange it ahead of your next exciting investment. In the case of a Hire Purchase agreement, for example, it is imperative that clients remember that until the final payment is cleared the car is not theirs – as it still belongs to the financing company. 

    We work hard to secure the best deals for you as quickly as possible, combing through offers and negotiating rests to make sure we secure the most effective financing solution for your needs. Often it takes a few days for us to arrange the release of money and do a complete check, sorting paperwork and details on behalf of our clients – creating a bespoke package that goes above and beyond.  

  • Depending on the type of prestige car finance you take out with us, you will have a selection of options available to you. Once your agreement period is up, you can choose to part ways with your prestige vehicle and return it to the lender, or opt to pay off the outstanding balance and get the keys – and ownership – to your car. If you agreed to take out a Hire Purchase Agreement with a balloon, for example, you can also choose to refinance the balloon amount for another term or simply sell the car to pay off the figure yourself, which allows you to keep whatever equity remains. 

    Whatever your choice, our concierge team is on hand to assist you, whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your finance journey with us.

    Get in touch with us today to find out how our expert insights can help you get behind the wheel of your dream luxury car.

  • If you already have a car settlement in place with another lender, you can use our Car Finance Settlement Calculator to help you understand the outstanding balance of any loan and help you determine an early settlement figure. Our calculator uses the actuarial method, as required by the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004 in the UK, to reach an accurate figure based on the numbers it is supplied with – assuming that all your payments have been made on time and is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. 

    This number is the amount still outstanding through the duration of the agreement period, plus any charges and additional interest that may be incurred if you wish to pay the sum of your car finance early. For regulated agreements – which excludes Balanced Payments – the penalty is usually an exit fee equal to 58 days interest charge. For non-regulated agreements, there may be further penalties if you wish to settle early.

    You can read more about Exit Fees and how to spot them from our experts at Magnitude Finance’s Car Finance Academy.

    Using any of our intuitive financing calculators is straightforward. All you have to do is enter your original loan amount, the length of your agreement, the number of payments that are set to be made plus the amounts of your initial, monthly and final payments. From there, we give you three magic numbers: the outstanding settlement, the total you’ve paid so far and your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for good measure. Crunching numbers has never been so easy. 

    However, it’s important to note that when it comes to the APR, our calculator cannot take into account your specific circumstances. As it is used by a wide range of clientele from a variety of industries and credit profiles, we simply cannot tailor rates for each one. For a tailored quote, it is best to contact our concierge team directly to discuss your needs.

    But if you are already a client of ours and have taken out a financing plan with us, getting in touch with a member of our dedicated team is the easiest way to get an accurate number. Give us a call today for clear, concise advice. 

  • Before we submit to our panel of esteemed lenders, our credit analyst team will always do a quotation search – this is standard practice for our industry. This is a figure that you – and only you – will be able to view on your credit file. At this initial quotation stage, a full search on your credit rating is not required; however, when we move to the formal proposal, a complete check will be requested to determine any aspects of credit worthiness.

    If you are concerned about a ‘bad credit score’ or worried about credit acceptance when it comes to prestige car finance, our team is available to help. With over 30 years’ experience in brokering car finance deals for a wide range of clients, we are dab hands at examining each proposal on an individual basis. Our personal service allows us to guide you where possible, giving customers access to the best options and deals available when it comes to prestige finance solutions. 

    As always, one of the main things any reputable lender will examine is affordability. In addition to any credit taken into consideration, another factor a lender will need to be sure of is that the borrower will be able to handle, service and return the debt in addition to any further interest that may be accrued over this period. Other aspects, such as your income and any outstanding finance agreements that are in effect, will also impact the lender’s decision – which is why all of our clients have to be responsible when it comes to taking out finance. You must be sure that you can afford any car you agree to broker with us. 

    At Magnitude, we will always give you the best advice available. Should you decide that obtaining finance directly from a dealer suits you better, we will always support your decision and ensure that you are clear on what that option entails. That said, from all of our years spent sourcing competitive rates, our deals and trusted panel of funders are truly hard to beat. Those that come to us rarely find a better option than the range of flexible financial packages we provide. 

    We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when securing our customers’ finance packages, because we believe that everyone deserves to drive the car of their dreams.

    Get in touch with our expert concierge team today to find the best finance solution for your luxury vehicle.

Working with Magnitude Finance

We’re proud to be independent. This status, combined with access to a variety of different lenders across the UK – including exclusive access to banks and other finance solutions usually off-limits to members of the public – allows us to give our clients an unbeatable funding product. Our experts in vehicle finance understand that it takes time for people to make the right choice when it comes to considering luxury vehicles – it’s a sign of true passion.

That’s why we get to know our clients on a one-to-one basis to fully appreciate the scope and size of their dream acquisition, alongside their initial needs and long-term plans. Our concierge team is able to give trusted advice at every step of the financing journey, providing competitive rates and tailored assistance whenever they are needed – whether that’s through in-person meetings, a simple phone call, our social media, or by email at your ultimate convenience.

From the moment our clients get in touch with us, we put them in the driver’s seat. 

That’s why you’ll never be faced with automated responses or email chains – just straightforward, open advice that allows us to secure impressive deals for our customers. We work with a number of partners and lenders that elevate our output, pairing first-class service with a personal touch alongside exclusive offers for your prestige car purchase.  When it comes to some of the lowest rate finance options available for prestige vehicles on the market, there’s a reason we are the first port of call for some of the biggest names across the motoring world and beyond.

As part of the renowned DSG group – a collection of brands and investments specialising in compliant tech delivery – our expertise and experience place us heads and shoulders above the rest. With over three decades’ worth of experience navigating and supplying in-house technological solutions to our clients within the UK market, we offer innovation that drives the world of motor finance.

Our fingers are on the pulse of what matters to motoring. That’s why we have a wealth of experience managing and sourcing prestige car finance solutions to media stars of today and tomorrow, sportspeople, and high-profile clients. Magnitude’s unmatched concierge service makes us perfectly placed to handle important requests and top-value investments, with a client portfolio boasting esteemed individuals from music, film, motorsport, tennis, rugby, football, and online media.

We are proud to say that England footballers use Magnitude Finance, with 13 out of the 23-player Premiership squad appearing at the World Cup marked as happy clients. Our services take care of players, athletes, management professionals, and officers on multiple levels from across the globe, working with trusted car suppliers to give them tailored, trusted advice again and again. Our longstanding partnerships have seen us work with multiple clients within the changing world of media – from noteworthy names within the film, radio, and television industry to personalities from reality TV, social media influencers, and YouTube celebrities.

Our solutions have helped position Magnitude Finance as one of the go-to finance services for many of the UK’s leading automotive lifestyle YouTube channels, helping them get the keys to the cars of their dreams. We are proud to have offered our assistance to Sam Fane from Seen Through Glass and Paul Wallace of Supercars of London, among other names across family entertainment, beauty and fashion, gaming, sport, and travel – no matter how big or small.

We’re all about creating and cultivating relationships. After all, some things are better together. That’s why our cohesive approach and knowledge base allow us to give the organisations and individuals we work with the best possible advice and deals available on the market, alongside borrowing strategies that make dreams a reality.  To see our concierge team in action and get the latest news and industry insights from the world of prestige motoring, follow us on our social media channels.