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Audi Finance

Audi TT RS

When it comes to prestige names, Audi prides itself on combining outstanding design with quality German engineering, making it a popular choice for business professionals and car lovers the world over. 

It’s the ideal purchase for those looking to start their luxury vehicle collection or expand an already impressive portfolio, giving you a true thrill that only comes from being behind the wheel of one of the most advanced options on the road. 

First founded in Cologne at the end of the 19th century, Audi’s ‘four rings’ iconography came from the merger of four respected automobile manufacturers based in Saxony: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. These went on to become ‘Auto Union AG’.

This name forms the backbone of the car company we all know and admire today, with its tagline of ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik – or “being ahead through technology” – standing as true today as it did back in 1933.

It’s easy to see why Audi is one of the best-selling names in the country, boasting a wide range of models that combine years of heritage with cutting-edge mechanics to create a prestige car to be proud of. 

At Magnitude, we offer an unbeatable selection of finance options to help you get the keys to the model of your dreams.

Whether you’ve got your eye on a luxury SUV like the Audi Q5, or are looking for something a little sleeker like the Audi TT, we offer excellent value finance deals on a bespoke basis. 

With exclusive funding solutions and competitive deals, our concierge team is perfectly placed to create the best package to suit your exact requirements. 

As independent credit brokers, we give you finance agreements at competitive rates that cannot be found anywhere else. 

To discover our outstanding methods and five-star customer service, get in touch with us today.

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Navigating the world of finance can be stressful, even for the most discerning of petrol heads.

Luckily, our clients are in great company. 

As self-confessed car fanatics ourselves, we understand the time, energy and passion it takes to appreciate these amazing feats of engineering – which is why we go the extra mile to create finance packages for the ultimate prestige experience. 

Whether you’ve had your eye on one of the Audi RS models or are fancying going electric with the Audi E-Tron Technik, we can build a finance solution that suits your goals both now and in the future. 

Aiming to pay off your new vehicle over the course of the finance term and drive away happy with the keys? Or maybe you are hoping for flexible Audi solutions that allow you to experience the full breadth of this marque’s eye-catching design, with the option to trade in your model and switch to a new one?

At Magnitude, you’re well and truly in the driver’s seat. 

With a range of products to match however long you plan to keep your vehicle, our team of financial experts can help you find the best product for you.

From new and exciting electric releases to one of their classic models, such as the Audi Quattro, we can source excellent lines of funding. 

To get a free, no-obligation quote for your prestige Audi vehicle, get in touch today by using our easy contact form. 

Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 Plus
Audi RS e tron GT 2021

At Magnitude, we take a personal approach to luxury car finance. 

That’s why our finance packages are anything but standard. 

When you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, our team takes the time to understand your complete requirements and long-term goals. From there, we can get in touch with our panel of over 20 lenders to create a bespoke plan for your needs.

But flexible finance and stellar customer service aren’t all you get with Magnitude. 

We also offer unparalleled deals sourced straight from some of the most discerning finance houses on the market, who do not deal directly with the public unless facilitated through us. 

However, it’s important to note that we aren’t direct financial lenders ourselves. 

As independent credit brokers, with over two decades’ worth of experience in sourcing excellent funding solutions for our clients, you can be assured that all advice and tailored packages from us are made with your best interests in mind. 

That’s why your dedicated Account Manager will make recommendations and suggestions based on your unique circumstances, taking multiple influentials into account to make sure that getting the keys to your dream Audi is as straightforward as possible. 

But don’t worry, we can handle as much – or as little – of the process, as you need.

Here are just some of the bespoke finance agreements we offer at Magnitude: 


PCP Finance

When it comes to sourcing Audi Finance offers, if you’re planning on taking more than one model for a spin, then a PCP solution might offer all the flexibility you need. 

This method of obtaining finance is best suited for those looking for easier budgeting throughout their term, boasting a lower fixed monthly rate than the Hire Purchase format it is built on. 

However, it’s important to remember that any Audi car that you are planning on financing with this method will have its value determined at the start of your contract. This figure is then deferred to the end of your contract. 

This is referred to as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value or GMFV.

This ‘future value’ is dependent on a few factors. These include the age of the model you are planning on funding, your estimated yearly mileage, and the preliminary mileage of your Audi. 

In comparison to other products, PCP Finance is a brilliant way for car fans to trade in their vehicle for a newer model at the end of their initial payment period – while getting all the benefits of lower monthly payments. 

If you have your eye on a prestige vehicle that may be subject to value fluctuations, this finance option is an understandably popular alternative to getting a loan straight from the dealer. 

This is because the GMFV is pre-calculated and fixed until the end of your agreement term, keeping you in the clear of any unexpected fluctuations. 

To see how we can build a unique PCP package for your new Audi, click here.


RS3 Finance
Audi RS6

Hire Purchase Agreement

At Magnitude, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward, straight-talking finance solutions. 

So when it comes to selecting the best finance for your luxury car, a Hire Purchase plan is one of the easiest products around. 

Perfect for those with a long-standing love for a particular model, or those who are looking to add more keys to their curated collection of Audi vehicles, this product allows you to keep the car at the end of a pre-agreed fixed term.

This makes an excellent alternative to a personal loan, thanks to flexible deposits and no requirement to save a big lump sum when you want to take ownership – as you might with a ‘balloon’ payment.

As such, a Hire Purchase – also known as a Lease Purchase – means that you are essentially ‘leasing’ the car from a reputable Audi retailer or garage. This means it officially becomes yours once your final payment is made, allowing you to clearly budget throughout your term without any sudden surprises when you get to the finish line. 

Our financial experts are able to craft bespoke packages that suit your lifestyle and wallet. With a Hire Purchase agreement, we can also cater to your timeline – shortening or lengthening the contract to suit your needs exactly. 

Find out more about our Hire Purchase agreements here.


Hire Purchase Agreement With Balloon

For serious Audi superfans and discerning collectors, we are able to give you unbeatable value with our Hire Purchase with a Balloon solution. 

Combining all the best parts of a PCP agreement alongside a traditional HP finance deal, this is an excellent choice for those looking to add prestige collectible models or classic Audis to their portfolios, such as the Audi TT 2.7T B5 RS or A1 Quattro. 

Collectors can also enjoy no age limits on their luxury Audi, giving you the pick of the bunch when it comes to considering your next purchase. 

This dynamic hybrid allows you to get the most out of financing vehicles with a high residual value, taking the fuss out of securing big-name models with smaller monthly payments. 

This is down to a straightforward ‘balloon’ payment that defers a pre-agreed chunk of capital to the end of your contract, giving you time to save and budget before paying it off. 

For those using this option to get ownership of their exciting new vehicle, it automatically becomes yours once this balloon payment has been finalised. There are also choices for refinancing or part-exchanging if you’d rather, which makes this one of the most customisable packages on the luxury market. 

Sound like your kind of deal? 

You can discover more about arranging a Hire Purchase and Balloon plan with Magnitude here.


Audi SQ545
Lime Green Audi RS3

Balanced Payments

If you’ve previously invested using a credit broker or have plenty of experience when it comes to collecting prestige Audi models, selecting Balanced Payments with Magnitude Finance gives you exclusively sourced rates and top-notch customer service. 

For clients who are keen to source finance for ultra-collectible models or high-value Audi acquisitions, such as the 10 Audi TT (MK3), Balanced Payments offer all the benefits of a High Purchase agreement for bigger buys. 

With this form of finance, you’ll access potential tax benefits, flexible options throughout, and an incredibly low deposit.

As such, this is a no-brainer for true fans of classic, collectible, or cult Audi models who are looking to keep their cash reserves – while enjoying all the thrills and excitement of getting behind the wheel of their dream luxury car.  

However, it’s important to note that, unlike other financial products, Balanced Payments are subject to any changes in the national interest rates. 

This variable is tracked through alterations in central banks as specified in your agreement, which will be outlined by your dedicated Magnitude broker. 

As with all values of this nature, this rate will fluctuate over the course of your contract which impacts the amount of interest you’re expected to pay. 

Out of our wide range of financial solutions, this is the only offer where your interest is dependent upon the lender’s reference rate. 

To discover how we can use Balanced Payments to help you get the most out of your money, visit our product page here.

Hire Purchase

Under a Hire Purchase agreement, you usually pay a deposit at the start of the agreement. You then pay the rest of the value of the car in instalments, over a period of between 3 and 5 years.

Personal Contract Purchase

PCP is a popular way of financing a vehicle and is usually based upon a Hire Purchase agreement. The main difference is that the vehicle’s value at the end of the agreement is calculated at the start.

Balanced Payment Plan

A Balanced Payment Plan offers the benefits of a fixed monthly payment, however, tracks the changes in the finance house base rate, LIBOR or bank base, depending on the agreement.

Specialist Facilities

We have access to a number of specialist lenders that will look at high value vehicles over £1 million, classic and exotic cars, refinancing existing deals, equity release or even assets other than vehicles.

Audi RS3 finance

Representative example - Audi RS3


Deposit £8,000
Amount of credit £29,500
Total amount payable £46,255.24
Final Installment/Balloon £21,362.5
Interest Charges £8,755.24
Regular monthly instalment £359.42
Duration of agreement 48 months
Representative APR 8.9%
Interest Type Fixed

*This Audi PCP example is for illustration purposes only. Please contact our finance team for a tailored quotation.

Why finance with Magnitude?

We do things differently. 

At Magnitude, we know you’ll have considered carefully before starting your journey to finance your luxury Audi vehicle.

That’s because we’re as passionate about cars as we are about obtaining truly impressive bespoke arrangements for our clients, ensuring that you drive away happy with the model of your dreams. 

As such, we are able to tailor a number of financial options to suit your unique circumstances and needs – so your experience gets put into a higher gear. 

With exclusive rates and an unbeatable concierge format that can seamlessly fit into a new or existing financial plan, we’ll have the product for you, your model, and most importantly, your budget. 

Give us a call on 01943 666 626 for a friendly, no-obligation chat with one of our experts – or explore our impressive range of Audi finance solutions today.

Audi Finance Calculator

Here at Magnitude Finance, we don’t just go the usual route through the credit brokerage process. We like to take the road less travelled. 

So whatever the age or rareness of the prestige Audi vehicle your heart may be set on, we’ve invested in technology that can give you an easy financial estimate. 

Calculate finance for a range of products, such as a Hire Purchase with Balloon or a Balanced Payment Agreement, for an exhaustive number of makes and models. It’s as easy as entering your car details and registration for accurate numbers in just under a minute.

Discover our innovative Car Finance Calculator here.

What if the Audi I want to finance has a lower value? 

Magnitude Finance is a specialist when it comes to finding the right deals for a range of prestige models.

As such, our scope starts with Audi vehicles worth up to £25,000, so we may have difficulty assisting with your query if your model is priced below this threshold.

There are a number of high-street lenders who may be better positioned to help with this kind of finance solution. 

However, our team of financial experts is more than happy to point you in the right direction.