Why would you buy a V8 Aston Martin DB11 instead of a V12?

Why would you buy a V8 Aston Martin DB11 instead of a V12?

Aston Martin now offer a V8 engine in the DB11. But why would you choose the V8 over the V12? More cylinders is always better, right?

We’ve grown accustomed to “proper” Aston Martin’s having a V12 over the last few years, but the reality is that they didn’t start building V12 s until 1999 (the DB7) and even then Aston’s flagship model was a V8. For thirty years, the V8 ruled supreme in the halls of Aston Martin – but does it work in the DB11?

Aston Martin’s new arrangement with Mercedes-Benz means that Aston now has access to Mercedes technology and more importantly, AMG power. With one of AMG’s finest twin-turbo 4.0 V8s under the bonnet, how does it compare to the 5.2 twin-turbo V12?

Watch customer Sam of Seen Through Glass give his verdict in a really superb 10-minute review which might make you change your mind on the “there’s no replacement for displacement” debate.


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Aston Martin DB11 V12

600 bhp

Max torque – 700 Nm

0-62 mph – 3.9 seconds

Weight 1875 kg


Aston Martin DB11 V8

503 bhp

Max torque – 675 Nm

0-62 mph – 4.0seconds

Weight 1760 kg