Porsche Macan appreciation

Porsche Macan appreciation

Porsche Macan owners are in profit having seen their cars increase in value by 25% in the past two years.

At launch in 2014, the base Macan S cost £43,300 but the same cars are now valued at over £55,000.

Magnitude Finance arranged funding for £1m worth of Macans helping clients be among the first owners.

A large majority of Magnitude Finance clients have enjoyed 12 months of free motoring but some are enjoying greater rewards, with current list prices showing the uplift spans two years, although it is worth highlighting these cars once personally specified cost more than the basic price.

Head of Sales at Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said:

“Our clients have benefited in many ways from the Porsche Macan.

“We were able to arrange finance in advance so they could place orders early to secure their names being the first to grace the logbook and some have even ordered a second car immediately after taking delivery of the first.

“Since then, they’ve been able to drive and enjoy one of the most stylish cars on the road for nearly two years and now have significant equity in the vehicle.

“The appreciation means, in effect, they’ve had a period of not just free but profitable motoring.

“For a car valued at just under £44,000 when new, that is an incredible scenario for owners such appreciation is usually the preserve of supercars that people think will be future classics.”

Magnitude Finance attributes part of the Macan’s success to the timing of its release.

“Its biggest competitor was the Range Rover Evoque but that was three-years-old when the Macan was released so people were keen for a change,” adds Mr Marlow.

“Those who financed the car are now in an enviable position having benefited from historically low interest rates of 0.5% and significant appreciation.

“Several of our clients are seeing it as the perfect time to change vehicles before supply meets demand.

“These customers are using the positive equity as deposit for cars at a higher price point that they wouldn’t previously have considered, without being any worse off financially.

“Clients are also experiencing great success with Porsche’s GT3 RS and Cayman GT4 models as both have been attracting significant premiums over the last few months for those that ordered early.

“Recent finance examples show the GT3RS is now selling for in excess of £250,000 compared to the £131,000 new price and the ‘cheaper’ GT4 is commanding over £100,000 a £35,550 uplift from the list price.

“It is a good example of how a manufacturer is having a great time with more than one model range.”

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