Ford GT demand

Ford GT demand

Demand for the new Ford GT is seeing prospective buyers going to extreme lengths to be allocated the car without yet knowing the price.

Magnitude Finance, which specialises in funding super, classic and luxury cars, says interest has reached unparalleled levels.

Its clients have taken impromptu trips to Ford’s headquarters in Michigan and nearby dealerships as well as those in Manhattan to make themselves known to the company.

Some have bought Mustangs as the next most expensive car Ford currently produces while others are sending requests to local Ford dealers from their holiday homes across the globe to get on as many waiting lists as possible.

Head of Sales at Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said:

“We have never experienced demand like this for any other car including the Ferrari Enzo, La Ferrari and P1 McLaren.

“A bit like desperate parents who move house to get their children into the best school catchment area, clients are applying from different addresses like holiday homes in the US and Europe as well as the UK in the hope it will increase their chances.

“While there is a big price difference between the £45,000 Mustang and the GT, clients are seeing this as an investment if it gives them a marginal advantage with the allocations process.”

Although yet to be confirmed, Magnitude Finance believes loyal customers will be given first refusal.

“Owning the Focus or a Mondeo won’t help your cause but we think those who have the 2005/06 Ford GT are most likely to be offered the new model first,” adds Mr Marlow.

“As such, we have received requests for us to speak to our other clients who have the old car to see if they would be interested in selling with ‘name your price’ offers being tabled despite not yet knowing if they will be allocated a car or the official cost.

“Estimates are wide ranging from £180,000 up to Lamborghini Aventador levels at £350,000 so we are creating a variety of finance packages based on different price points.

“The premium is due to the GT’s historical provenance and the small number the UK will receive.

“Of the 250 produced globally each year, we think 12 will come here at most it will be 17 which mirrors the 7% of Ford’s global sales that are made in the UK.”