The Twisted Landrover EV

The Twisted Landrover EV

Twisted, the Yorkshire Land Rover experts we all know and love, have released an all-electric conversion kit for the original Land Rover Defender. The system is compatible with the Defender 90, 110, and 130 from the previous generation, and it’s available to order in the UK today for £225,000.

Buyers may choose between two electric powertrains, both of which are powered by a single big electric motor beneath the bonnet. The engine drives the Defender’s original transfer case and locking differentials, and it’s fueled by a 61kWh battery pack hidden beneath the off-floor, roader’s with a range of “more than 200kms,” according to Twisted.

The entry-level motor provides 268 BHP and 1200NM of torque, allowing for a 0–62mph pace in under ten seconds. Twisted’s top-of-the-line powertrain boosts the motor’s output to 320 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque while dropping the 0–62mph time to 8.2 seconds. More crucially, both powertrains keep the Defender’s original towing capacity of 3,500kg.

Twisted’s most powerful electric powertrain more than doubles the power output of the Defender Td5 – and it’s only 80bhp shy of the Defender Works V8’s barnstorming performance. To handle all that power, the company provides a variety of chassis improvements, including better callipers, larger-diameter disc brakes, and wider alloy wheels with fatter tyres.

The chassis changes come standard on the top-of-the-range 320bhp electric conversion kit, but they’re an optional extra on the 214bhp base model. Both systems, however, will be equipped with an EV management system that will let owners choose from a variety of drive modes, including Sport, Eco, and Off-road.

The Twisted EV’s battery pack will take roughly three hours to fully recharge using a 22kW charging station. The system may also be used with 11kW household charging ports, albeit charge times will be increased.

Specs and options for the Twisted Defender EV

The Defender EV line-up has had the spec-list released by Twisted’s American subsidiary, but it’s unclear whether UK vehicles will get the same kit. In the United States, there are two models: an entry-level NAS-E and a flagship NAS-E Plus.

The NAS-E starts at $185,000 (roughly £145,000) for the base model, but we’re guessing that includes the cost of the car. It comes with a 214bhp electric motor, leather and Alcantara upholstery, distinctive alloy wheels, three rows of seats in the front, and air conditioning. A roll cage, a folding fabric canopy, and waterproof flooring are also included, just in case of a freak shower.

Twisted’s top-of-the-line NAS-E Plus model costs $210,000 (about £165,000). It includes side steps, front fog lamps, roll bar spot lamps, and a “NAS-E” branded decal, as well as a more powerful 320bhp electric engine, stronger powertrain components, and a slew of visual modifications, including side steps, front fog lamps, roll bar spot lamps, and a “NAS-E” branded decal.

A touchscreen infotainment system, a greatly upgraded eight-channel sound, and a reversing camera are also standard on both variants. Both versions come equipped with an immobiliser system and a GPS tracker that can be used in conjunction with a smartphone app to track the car’s location in real-time.

The company’s unique bumpers, mesh radiator grille, bonnet vents, and sump guard are among the visual improvements available for the EV package. Recaro sports seats, a wooden Moto Lita steering wheel, better sound deadening, and a new leather-trimmed dashboard crash panel are also available.

Twisted claims that their electric drivetrain kit is compatible with all Land Rover Defenders, and that installation will take two weeks at the company’s Bristol plant. Existing Twisted Defender owners may update their vehicle, which should speed up the process as it will already have the brand’s chassis and visual changes.

Hidden away tech.

Credit: Twisted Automotive

Twisted has succeeded in packing the electric architecture beneath the hood and in lieu of the petrol tank, similar to the prototype we saw in 2020, but all off-road functionality like limited range are now on a touchscreen, which is nice. There’s an Eco option that restricts peak speed to 60 mph and improves regen for longer distances, as well as a Sport mode for quicker reactions. According to firm president Charles Fawcett, the construction took thousands of hours.

This Twisted EV will, predictably, go to a London-based consumer, who will use it to get around town with far less stress than anybody else in an old Defender. We’ll try to acquire some hands-on time with an EV Defender as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts on Twisted’s electric Defender? Let us know in the comments section as always.

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