The Hottest of Hot Hatches for 2022, so far…

The Hottest of Hot Hatches for 2022, so far…

2022 must be one of the most exciting years we can think of when it comes to the hot hatch. With so many noteworthy new additions to the ranks the market is getting extremely competitive, and in no way is that a bad thing. The options are great for the consumer, whether you’re looking to have the most powerful pocket rocket on the road or a hot hatch that provides the best bang-for-buck.

Below we will run down which hot hatch to buy for 2022, and with some exciting new additions later in the year, we will be back for more!

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Mercedes-AMG A45 S

Power –  415 bhp

Torque – 500 Nm

0-62 mph – 3.9 secs

The stats say everything here, with over four hundred and fifteen horsepower at its disposal, the A45 S is the most potent hot hatchback on the block. But big power is now just one component of the A45’s repertoire. Building on the progress made with the hot hatch staple that is the A35, the A45 S delivers a true driver’s experience, with a much more entertaining and involving drive.

Depending on your style, you can quite easily have a specification that blends in, looking very much like the regular A-Class, or you can go for the opposite, with the optional aero kit providing a much more aggressive look, especially paired with the vivid Sun Yellow paint.

This and the A35 are already massively popular options with a huge portion of our customers, and we can’t see that letting up anytime soon.

Hyundai i20 N

Power –  201 bhp

Torque – 304 Nm

0-62 mph – 6.5 secs

Hyundai’s all new ‘Rally Car on the Street’ the i20 N might just be a contender for the best value hot hatch on the market right now, with a brand new model starting at just over £25,000, around £1,500 cheaper than the Ford Fiesta ST and almost £3,000 cheaper than VW’s offering in the Polo GTI. With similar figures throughout the three, the cheaper i20 N offers the best value, along with a huge amount of fun.

Because of the competition and the popularity of the car, we have seen an influx of enquiries for finance already, and with the hot hatch market as popular as it is right now the pricing is extremely competitive, making it a very feasible option for anyone who wants a small and practical car hatchback that packs a sporty punch.

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Volkswagen Golf R

Power – 320 bhp

Torque – 420 Nm

0-62 mph – 4.7 secs

An evolution of one of the starters of the hot hatch movement, the Golf R is the benchmark nowadays for any manufacturer wanting to make a fast hatchback. VW just gets it right every time, you already know the quality of the build will be great because it’s VW, but the power delivery and agility of the R is astounding for a car based on a family hatch. The beefed-up looks, the sound from the quad exhausts, lowered suspension, everything you could want is here.

Pairing all that with a DSG auto gearbox will surely annoy the purists, but the ability to go from something that makes you feel like a racing driver, to a sedate and relaxed car to pick the kids up in doesn’t go unmissed. The interior is classy and well laid out, just like the regular Golf, with plenty of touch buttons and all the familiar VW comforts that we’re all very used to now.

Toyota GR Yaris

Power – 257 bhp

Torque – 360 Nm

0-62 mph – 5.5 secs

The hype is absolutely real with the GR Yaris, a rally homologation car that never got to rally, Gazoo Racing and Toyota went all out to make what is possibly the most enjoyable hot hatch experience on the road. Four-wheel-drive, paired with the most powerful 3-cylinder engine on the market and such a small form factor all combine for a beautifully simple and extremely fun little package.

Starting at £31,170 new, the GR is more expensive than its direct rivals, the Fiesta ST, i20 N and the Polo GTI, but with how much this package differs from all of those, a comparison here isn’t fair. The experience here is something we have never really had in a hatchback, but here’s hoping with so much love already out there for the GR, and the used market starting to become more populated, sales figures will show Toyota that we not only want but NEED more of this (especially as the GR Corolla is not coming to the UK!)

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