The 911 GT3 RS is back.

The 911 GT3 RS is back.

It’s here! The new 992-generation 911 GT3 RS has been revealed. It’s the most track-focused series-production 911 yet, the latest RS member joining a family that traces its roots back to the iconic 1973 2.7 Carrera RS. Porsche has pushed the limits of what it feels is possible (and legal) for a road car. 

Starting with the current 992 911 GT3 as a base, its wider body shows just how far Porsche has gone to reach new extremes, replacing the bonnet, front wings, and doors with carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. The changes are all aimed at keeping weight gain to a minimum and creating genuine downforce rather than simply reducing lift. This is 100% the most aggressively designed aero package ever seen on a road-legal 911.

First things first, the price…

Compared to the competition, the Lamborghini Hurácan STO and McLaren 765LT (both costing close to £300,000), the new price tag of £178,500 is a bit of a bargain considering it’s up nearly £50,000 on the previous gen. That uplift is reflected in just how much has been changed here compared to its older sibling.

Although technically not a limited-run car, you’ll have to be very close to your local Porsche dealer to have the pleasure of buying one. In the crazy car world we live in right now, you may well see people trying to flip their build slots for profit, as has been reported with other new cars. When they do arrive on the road you can bet the premium for buying one new will be BIG going from the current climate.

So, what’s changed

Despite the extensive use of carbon here, there’s so much new hardware on the RS that its weight is actually slightly up on the standard GT3, weighing in at 1450kg, 15kg more than an equivalent GT3 fitted with a PDK gearbox. To compensate Porsche has found an additional 14bhp for its 4-litre flat-six, which now produces 517bhp, derived largely from a new cam profile, a new single-throttle intake system and rigid valve drive borrowed from Porsche’s race cars. The seven-speed PDK is fitted with a shorter final drive and new ducting to assist in cooling on-track. Fancy.

These mechanical changes help it reach 62mph in 3.2sec, 0.2sec faster than a standard GT3 PDK. A compromise of the aggressive aerodynamic package is the reduced top speed, which despite a drag reduction system (DRS, yep, like an F1 car), is down 14mph to 184mph. Not the most significant loss in the world, because you know for a fact this will fly through the corners with ease, and what track can you really push to your top speed on anyway?

The most obvious new aero device is the GT3 RS’s rear wing, which is not only larger but also mounted higher on its reshaped swan-neck mounts (so high, in fact, it’s above the roofline). Its construction is of a two-piece design, the top element being hydraulically adjustable to facilitate a new DRS system. The wing is balanced by a front splitter that actively splits the airflow above and below the car, directing the air to either the rear wing or rear diffuser depending on speed and the requirements of the rear wing.

In short, it looks like a race car, and acts like a race car, yes please.

Porsche has also fitted various aero devices around both front and rear wheel arches. As with the 991, the front arches are ventilated at the top to relieve air pressure, but this is now aided by huge outlets inspired by those used on the 911 GT1 Le Mans racer of the late Nineties. To manage the merging of airflow from inside and outside of all the wheel arches, Porsche has fitted side-blades on both axles. Even more race car influence.

The specs

EngineFlat-six, 4-litre
Top speed184mph
Downforce860kg @ 177mph
Starting Price£178,500

The GT3 RS is available to order now from £178,500, with Porsche yet to confirm precise dates for the first customer deliveries. If you would like to finance your purchase, contact one of our concierge team or use the calculator for an instant quote!