#SSM18 – Secret Supercar Meet

#SSM18 – Secret Supercar Meet

Supercar Driver’s annual season-opening supercar gathering – the Secret Supercar Meet – took place on Saturday 24th March. As one of Supercar Driver’s main sponsors, we went to meet with clients & take a look around.

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire has been the home of the Secret Supercar Meet for several years, and it alone is worth a visit.  Originally constructed as a World War 2  airfield, Bruntingthorpe has a rich automotive and aviation history and continues to be used for the development and storage of cars and aircraft. Driving through the site is slightly surreal, with modern cars being stored before sale amongst a fleet of abandoned commercial and military aircraft.

GT3 plane Bruntingthorpe

The event might have been secret –  SCD club members did a good job of keeping it on the down-low – but that didn’t stop a gaggle of supercar fans and photographers gathering at the site entrance to enjoy the incoming traffic. Drivers made their way through the Bruntingthorpe complex to a rally point on the main runway, from where they were released one by one to make their way to the event area at the far end of the airfield – and offering a great opportunity to open their cars up….


With hundreds of supercars parked in a vast arc at the entrance to the main event area, it was a slow but enjoyable walk for most to get to the Michelin paddock where the most special cars were on display. In the busy paddock there were plenty of opportunities to catch up with fellow owners,  friends, customers and even a team of YouTubers, surrounded by some of the finest cars in the country in a much more relaxed atmosphere than your average concours.

Seen Through Glass Alex BaldwinSupercars of LondonIn the Michelin Paddock – the F50 sounded mighty….

Soon enough, though, the work began in earnest to line up 300 or so supercars for a team photo.SCD SSM18

Secret Meet

The “secret” format certainly works well – with plenty of space to really enjoy the cars at a unique location it’s a fun and unusual day out which also raised £21,600 for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in under two hours. Well done to all concerned.

Click here to find out more about joining SCD – Supercar Driver. It’s the only way to get an invitation!

Special thanks to automotive photographer Richard Wilson for his images.

Ferrari issues on the way to #SSM18″ description=”Ferrari issues on the way to #SSM18