Signing for finance

Signing for finance

Everybody loves good customer service, but it can be harder to come by when you are profoundly deaf…

Here at Magnitude, we’re committed to giving you the best experience throughout your finance journey, and will happily adapt to suit your needs or requirements.

Recently, a family friend of Tim’s, Ovais, looked to us to help source finance on a new vehicle. Nothing out of the ordinary there. However, Ovais is profoundly deaf, which can understandably make things difficult and frustrating for Ovais when trying to source finance through a broker, as the majority of a deal is usually done by phone.

Having initially researched finance on the Magnitude Calculator, we scheduled a Facetime call with Ovais. This allowed Tim to communicate with Ovais using sign language. Tim, having a deaf brother, is fully proficient at sign language, making the conversation with Ovais as easy as a typical phone call.

On this Facetime call, Tim and Ovais were able to discuss the finance products and figures available to Ovais, where they were able to agree on the best package available for Ovais.

Unfortunately, the first car fell through. However, after further research into the 7-seater market (a must for Ovais), he was able to source the right vehicle at Sytner. Ovais enquired via the website, and using Tim’s mobile, so when they phoned, it allowed us to work together to arrange a test drive.

Ovais also communicated with the dealer via text and an online interpreter, where he would sign via video, and the interpreter would then speak on the phone. BMW Sunningdale were nothing but professional and helpful throughout the entire exchange, and Ovais was able to collect the vehicle shortly after first enquiring with Magnitude.

We fully understand how difficult financing a vehicle can be, but we’re here to make it simple. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, as we’d be more than happy to give our all to make financing your next vehicle as pain-free as possible.