Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide

Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide

Porsche has been one of the top luxury automobile brands since its inception nearly a hundred years ago. The German manufacturer is best known for its powerful sports cars, and though it produces a lot of different models, the crown jewel in their line-up is the Porsche 911. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic Porsche 911 or the latest model, Magnitude has a range of financing packages available to help you buy your dream Porsche. If you’re interested in buying a Porsche 911, this guide was made for you. Here, we’ll cover:

  • Why car financing is so popular
  • Which Porsche 911 models are currently on the market
  • Which Porsche 911 model is for you
  • Everything you should know before buying a Porsche 911, as well as frequently asked questions
  • Whether buying a Porsche 911 is a good investment
  • Magnitude’s finance packages for buying a Porsche 911

History of the Porsche 911

Porsche was founded in Stuttgart, Germany by automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Though they originally did not build cars under their own name, Porsche and his team were given an assignment from the government to design a “car for the people”. This took the form of the Volkswagen Beetle, which was released in 1938 and has since become one of the most iconic and successful vehicles of all time. 

During World War II Porsche was forced to develop tanks instead of cars, but in 1948 Ferdinand’s son Ferry created the company’s first sports car, the 356. Though they had created other cars before the 356, this was the first car sold by the company and is therefore widely regarded as the first Porsche.

Porsche continued to sell new sports cars over the next decade, and in 1964 they released the Porsche 911. By the end of the century, the 911 had become one of the most iconic cars of all time. Since its inception the 911 and derived models have been raced extensively to great success: the 935 turbo won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1979 while 911-derived models won the World Championship for Makes every year between 1976 and 1979. Thanks in large part to the success of the 911. Porsche is the largest race car manufacturer in the world and one of the most successful with a record of 19 outright wins in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

 Today Porsche enjoys a reputation as one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world. Though they have branched out with other car types, the Porsche 911 remains an incredibly popular luxury vehicle. To find out more about the various Porsche 911 models currently on the market, skip ahead to our Porsche models section.

Whether you’re after a classic Porsche 911 or a newer model, you have several options available to you when it comes to buying your car. Paying with cash is always an option, but a Porsche 911 doesn’t come cheap, and many customers find that financing is a better choice. Even if you can afford to pay upfront you may find that financing works better for you anyway. 

There are a host of reasons why financing is becoming the go-to method of buying a luxury car, with the most significant being the ability to pay the cost over a longer period of time. Instead of paying the whole amount straight away, the cost is instead spread out over a certain time period, even for a few years. This means that you can get your hands on your dream car without having to pay the price all at once, although as is the case with any loan there will be interest to pay. 

So if you’ve found the perfect car but don’t have the money readily available, or you would rather spend that money on other things, car financing is the right option for you.

Car financing can be a great deal, but there are a few things to be aware of before you pull the trigger. Firstly, depending on which finance package you’re on you may need to make every payment in full and on time or risk losing the car. 

While car financing is initially more accessible, you’ll want to take the full payment period into account to make sure you can keep up with payments. There is a credit score check involved during the formal process of applying for car finance – however, this is standard in our industry and is nothing to worry about. 

Finally, different packages include different conditions regarding the vehicle. These can range from a mileage limit to ensuring that the car is kept in good condition throughout the payment period. Nevertheless, car financing is a great option if you’re looking for an easier and more flexible way to buy a luxury car, and, with Magnitude, it is one of the best ways to buy a Porsche 911.

Financing a Porsche 911 with Magnitude

As with any prestige vehicle, buying a Porsche 911 is a big commitment. Before buying your car, you will want to look at an assortment of car financing plans, and expert advice to help you find the best deal. 

At Magnitude, we can offer you a variety of great finance packages, so you can find one just for you. Our plans are tailor-made for each customer and include a range of benefits including flexible payment periods and even the ability to part-exchange your car towards another purchase. Whether you’re buying your dream car to keep, you want to return it when you’re finished paying or you want to drive multiple vehicles, you’ll find a plan that works for you.

When you get in contact with us, we’ll give you expert advice so you can find the perfect deal. We’re an independent broker and can help you secure money from established lenders. Our concierge team will guide you through every step of the process, and you can find a range of helpful tools on our website, including helpful tips on car finance, quick and easy ways to get accurate quotes and our Car Finance Academy that will keep you up-to-date on everything related to car finance.  

We have a range of car financing packages available, which we’ll go into further detail on later on in the guide. To learn more about what magnitude can do for you, skip ahead to our finance section below.

What Porsche 911 models are there in 2022?

The Porsche 911 has been a mainstay in the luxury car market since its introduction in 1964. Classic Porsche 911 models from generations gone by remain incredibly popular with luxury car customers and can often be found in auctions all across the UK. However, in this guide we’re going to be looking at the 2022 line-up of the Porsche 911, all of which can be bought new from car dealerships and directly from Porsche itself.

Since it debuted in 1964, the Porsche 911 has been through seven generations. The 2022 Porsche 911 line-up is composed of models from the current generation- 992. Though based on the same car, these models include different features that make them stand out from each other- for example, some are designed mainly for the road while others are more track-focused, and others feature retro-inspired designs. 

All 2022 models of the 911 share some core features, however. These include rounded LED headlights, comfortable sports seats and a multifunction steering wheel. Here you can find all of the Porsche 911 models currently on the market, as well as their unique features and characteristics.

Porsche 911 Carrera

The Porsche 911 Carrera (name taken from the Carrera PanAmericana road race) is the base Porsche 911 coupe model, featuring rear engines and rear-wheel drive. There are a few different variations on the Carrera on the market. As well as the base version, you can also find the Carrera Cabriolet, the open-top variant. 

As with most automobile brands, Porsche also has an S variant that provides more power. The Carrera S is wider and more powerful than the base Carrera, with quad exhaust pipes as opposed to the base Carrera’s dual exhausts. 

The base Carrera is the purest version of the Porsche 911 as well as the cheapest model available, and the Cabriolet and S variants provide some useful improvements at a slightly higher price point. This is maybe the best Porsche 911 for beginners.

Carrera GTS

First introduced in the 997 generation, the Carrera GTS is even more powerful than the base Carrera S, able to go from 0-60 mph in roughly three and a half seconds and with a top speed of 193 mph. The Carrera GTS also has the open-top Cabriolet variant. The GTS is possibly the best Porsche 911 currently on the market, as it marries the benefits of the Carrera with the higher-level Turbo with a price sitting somewhere in the middle of those two.

Targa 4

The Targa 4 is only available as an all-wheel drive. It is the heaviest and slowest of the Porsche 911 models but is extremely rapid and features an all-electric roof panel over the seats. The Targa 4 also comes in a 4S variant, which is more powerful and features a 12-inch touchscreen. This touchscreen allows you to control most aspects of the Targa 4 and also features Android and Apple CarPlay connection. Finally, there’s the Targa 4 GTS, which boasts the same amount of power as the Carrera GTS with all the features of the standard Targa 4.


The most powerful of the 2022 Porsche 911 models, the Turbo has a staggering 572 bhp compared to the base Carrera’s 380 bhp. The Turbo also comes in a Cabriolet version, as well as the even more powerful Turbo S, which goes from 0-60 mph in just under three seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph. Though almost every Porsche 911 is turbocharged, the Turbo is firmly in the supercar territory.

911 Edition 50 years Porsche Design

Announced in January 2022, this version of the 911 is super rare- only 750 models will be built. This limited-edition Targa GTS was designed to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Porsche’s external design studio Porsche Design. Performance-wise it’s the same as the standard Targa GTS but features an iconic and eye-catching design.


The GT3 is Porsche’s track-focused 911. First introduced in 1999 with the 996 model, the GT3 has been through three more generations since then. The new 992-generation GT3 is ready-made for the track, with Porsche describing it as having been developed closer to motorsport than any other GT3 before it. 

With a 9000-rpm engine with 503bhp, the ability to go from 0-60 mph in about three and a half seconds and a top speed of 198 mph, the GT3 is the perfect option for racing enthusiasts. Despite its power, the GT3 is also perfectly at home on the road.

GT3 with Touring Package

The 911 GT3 with Touring Package combines the raw power of the GT3 with the sleek, understated design of the standard 911, making it perfect for drivers more focused on everyday use than racing. 

This model has most of the same components as the GT3, such as the wheels, brakes, engine, gearbox and suspension. However, the optional no-cost Touring Package reconfigures the GT3 from being track-focused to street-focused. Essentially, the GT3 with the Touring Package gives you all the power of the GT3 in a slightly less conspicuous package. 


A brand-new Porsche 911 model announced in August 2022, the 992 GT3 RS is the most powerful track-focused 911 you can buy. The GTS RS boasts 525-hp, the ability to go from 0-60 in just over three seconds and a top speed of 184 mph. 

The new 992 model features cutting-edge technological features inspired by Formula One. This includes a Drag-Reductions System (DRS) that can help boost the top speed or increase downforce. Like the GT3, the GT3 RS is perfectly suited both to the track and on the road.

911 Sport Classic

The Sport Classic is a limited-edition 911 model announced earlier in 2022, with a run of just 1250 cars worldwide. Based on the Turbo, the 911 Sport Classic features the same amount of power and speed but with a retro design inspired by the 1972 911 Carrera. It’s the second of four planned ‘Heritage Design’ Porsche 911 models.  

What’s new in the 2022 line-up?

In addition to the power and speed that the Porsche 911 is known for, the 2022 line-up also features some cutting-edge technological features that help make the 911 more enjoyable than ever. We’ve already talked about the Formula One-inspired DRS system found in the GT3 RS, but the other Porsche 911 models include some impressive new features.

New in 2022, all 911 models feature the latest generation of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. The PCM is accessed through a touchscreen display and combines navigation, infotainment, comfort and communications systems. 

The next-generation infotainment system includes integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with a digital assistant that responds to “Hey Porsche”. The interior of the Porsche 911 features eight-speaker audio as standard, although you can upgrade to 12 or 13-speaker systems for an additional fee. Finally, many of the 2022 911 models include remote park assist. 

Each of the Porsche 911 models currently on the market contains the iconic designs that have made the 911 a legendary luxury race car since its inception almost 60 years ago, as well as some impressive state-of-the-art technological enhancements that make the 911 one of the best supercars out there. 

Whether you’re looking for a car for everyday use, you want the finest supercar to take to the racetrack or you’re a fan of retro designs, the 2022 Porsche 911 line-up will have something for you.

What is the best Porsche 911 model?

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars of all time and buying any of the 2022 models will give you luxury and prestige. Depending on what you want to use your Porsche 911 for, however, you may find a particular model will be better for you. Here, we’ll look at some of the common uses and determine which Porsche 911 model is the best option.

You want the simplest, purest Porsche 911

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Porsche 911 or you want to go for the simplest option, the best choice for the ‘pure’ Porsche 911 is the 911 Carrera. The Carrera is the base 911 model and is the cheapest option, with prices starting from £89,800, and models with a manual transmission can still be bought. 

There are a few options available to you if you opt for the Carrera: as well as the base model, you can also get the open-top Cabriolet for £10,000 more and the more powerful Carrera S for £15,000 more. Despite being the cheapest option, the Carrera will still give you the great Porsche 911 experience.

You want the fastest Porsche 911

Almost every car in the 2022 line-up is turbocharged, so you’re going to get a lightning-fast car whichever model you buy. If you want the absolute fastest Porsche 911 however, there’s only one option: the Turbo S. 

The base Turbo is already fast, with a top speed of 198 mph, but the Turbo S eclipses all the other models with a 640 hp engine, a top speed of 205 mph and the ability to go from 0-60 mph in just over two seconds.

You want the best of both worlds

Though the 911 Turbo is the fastest Porsche 911 model, it’s also one of the most expensive, with prices starting from £147,400 for the base Turbo and £168,900 for the Turbo S. If you want a simpler and slightly more affordable model that still packs a punch, the 911 GTS represents the best of both worlds.

The best Porsche 911 for the racetrack

If you’re looking to do some racing in your Porsche 911, there are several good options. The GT3 is Porsche’s track-focused model and has been refined since its introduction in 1999 to become one of the top racing cars. 

If you want to use your car on the track and the road, the optional no-cost Touring Package offers a more road-focused and less conspicuous GT3 design. 

Finally, there’s the recently released 911 GT3 RS, which is the most powerful track-focused Porsche 911 and features a range of impressive technological advancements inspired by Formula One, including the Drag Reduction System.

You’re a fan of retro designs

If you want to buy a brand-new Porsche 911 model but you prefer the look of their older cars, Porsche has released the limited-edition 911 Sport Classic and 911 50-year Porsche Design. These cars are based on the standard Turbo and Targa GTS respectively but with stylish designs that harken back to the 60s and 70s. 

These models are incredibly rare, however, with just 1250 and 750 models produced respectively. The 911 Sport Classic is the second of four ‘Heritage Design’ models being released by Porsche, so there may be more classic-inspired Porsche 911 models in the future. 

Each Porsche 911 model boasts some impressive features that make them great options for a range of different car enthusiasts. Ultimately, if you want a fast, stylish and comfortable supercar then buying any Porsche 911 model will give you what you want. 

Buying a Porsche 911? Here’s what you need to know

With the suite of impressive features, the iconic design and the raw power of the Porsche 911, it’s no surprise that Porsche’s race car has managed to remain popular since its inception nearly 60 years ago. Porsche as a brand is all about luxury, prestige and power, and the Porsche 911 is perhaps the model that best encapsulates that. 

Hopefully, by now, you’ll have a better idea of the different versions of the Porsche 911 currently on the market and which one is right for you. If you’re looking to buy a Porsche 911, this section will give you all the important information you need before you decide to pull the trigger. Here, we’ll cover how much you can expect to pay, whether a Porsche 911 is reliable and whether they are collectible.

How much does a Porsche 911 cost?

The following prices are based on the official Porsche store page.

How much a Porsche 911 costs largely depends on which model you’re looking to get, and there can be quite a big difference depending on whether you’re looking for a base model or the more powerful S versions. 

In the UK, the cheapest Porsche 911 model is currently the base 911 Carrera, which starts at £89,800. Many of the Porsche 911 models come in Cabriolet versions, which are £10,000 more expensive than the base models. So for example, the 911 Carrera S starts at £102,800 while the Carrera S Cabriolet starts at £112,800. 

The Turbo models are considerably more expensive, starting at £147,400 for the base model and £168,900 for the Turbo S. These models also include Cabriolet versions which are again £10,000 more expensive.

The 911 GT3 starts at £135,700, with the optional Touring Package available at no extra cost. The recently released GT3 RS starts at £178,500, making it the most expensive mainline Porsche 911 available in 2022.

Finally, the two limited-edition models: the 911 Edition 50-years Porsche Design starts at £147,900 while the 911 Sport Classic starts at £214,200, making it the most expensive Porsche 911 model currently on the market.

How reliable is the Porsche 911?

While the reliability of a car depends on a lot of external factors, Porsche cars generally have a good reputation when it comes to reliability. Modern 911 models feature an abundance of safety and driver assistance systems, including Automatic Emergency Braking, parking assist and blind spot monitoring, as well as a range of optional extras that can improve the experience. 

Build quality has been an integral part of the Porsche 911 since its creation and the 2022 models are no different in this regard. When buying a Porsche 911 you’ll get a three-year unlimited mileage warranty and three years’ European breakdown cover. 

Is a Porsche 911 collectible?

The Porsche 911 is one of the most popular cars with car collectors. In 2020, the Porsche 911 was the top collector car model worldwide, with models like the Carrera 3.2, 991 Speedster and 930 Turbo 3.3 among the most popular models. 

As one of the most popular cars of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century, the Porsche 911 will likely continue to be a popular collectible car for a long time to come. Whether you’re buying a classic model or one of the newer generations, the Porsche 911 is a great series of cars to add to your collection. 

Porsche has recently released several limited-edition cars, such as the 911 Sport Classic and the 911 Edition 50-years Porsche Design, which are sure to become highly sought-after collector’s items. 

Is a Porsche 911 worth buying?

As with any supercar, investing in a Porsche 911 is a long game. There’s no sure-fire way of predicting whether your car will end up becoming more valuable as the years go by. However, based on the value of classic and limited-edition models a Porsche 911 could definitely be a worthwhile investment. 

Classic Porsche 911 models are regularly some of the most sought-after cars among classic car collectors, with some models reaching millions of pounds/dollars. The most expensive Porsche 911 ever sold is an Arctic Silver-finished 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion, which sold for $5,665,000 at an auction in 2017. Though classic Porsche 911 are very popular collectible cars, it’s impossible to predict which, if any, of the newer models will become classics. Nonetheless, the ‘name power’ of the Porsche 911 practically guarantees that buying one would be a good investment.

If you want to buy a Porsche 911 that will become a rare and valuable collectible in the future, then a 911 Sport Classic or 911 Edition 50-years Porsche Design would be a good choice. These are limited-edition cars- with only 1250 and 750 respectively created- so are sure to be highly sought-after in the future. 

If you’re just looking to buy a car for everyday use, however, the Porsche 911 is definitely a good investment. Each of the 2022 models provides a luxury driving experience, and the technological features and enjoyable design make the Porsche 911 a great everyday performance car.

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Bespoke Porsche 911 finance packages at Magnitude

As you can see, buying a Porsche 911 is a sizable investment, and some may find the high prices to be a stumbling block. Luckily, our finance packages make buying your dream car a reality. 

Our finance packages are tailor-made for each customer, so you’re sure to find a plan that works for you. In this section, you can find out more about the different car financing plans available at Magnitude

Whether you’re looking for your one dream car to keep forever or you want to try a selection of different vehicles, we’ll help find the perfect plan for you.

Hire Purchase Finance

Hire Purchase Finance is our simplest car finance package, letting you pay off your car over a fixed period of time. This is usually between two to five years, and you can customise this based on your current financial circumstances. During this period you’re essentially hiring the car from us. Once this period is up and you’ve made all your payments (including a flexible deposit of between 10% and 40% taken at the start of the agreement) the car is yours to keep forever. If you’re looking for one car in particular and you want to keep it long-term, then this is the plan for you. 

Personal Contract Finance

One of our most popular finance packages, Personal Contract Finance is similar to Hire Purchase Finance in that it involves a flexible deposit of between 10% and 20% and a fixed monthly payment over a certain period of time, often between two and five years. Where Personal Contract Finance differs is in what happens at the end of the agreement.

 Once the final payment is made you’ll have three options available to you: you can return the car to the dealer and, provided you’ve met the conditions agreed beforehand, you won’t have anything else to pay. However, if you want to own the car then you also have the option of paying off the Guaranteed Future Minimum Value, at which point the car will be yours to keep. 

Finally, you also have the option to part-exchange your car and use any existing equity towards a future purchase. If you’re looking to drive as many of the Porsche 911 models as you can then this is the perfect plan for you.

Hire Purchase Balloon

Hire Purchase with a Balloon is another popular choice as it combines the benefits of Hire Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Finance. With this package, your monthly payment will be reduced thanks to a ‘balloon payment’, a fixed amount which is agreed upon beforehand and retained until the end of your payment period. 

Once the final payment has been made, the car is yours to do as you please, whether you want to keep it or part-exchange it towards another purchase. This is a particularly good option if you’re looking to buy a classic or limited-edition Porsche 911, as there is no age limit on the car at the end of the payment period, something which can be found in other car financing packages. 

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that Hire Purchase with a Balloon does not include a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. This means that payments will need to be made regularly and in full if you want to keep the car.

Balance Payment Car Finance

Finally, Balanced Payment Car Finance includes a fixed monthly payment but differs from other plans by not including fixed rates. Instead, it is subject to changes in national interest rates. When taking out this package, we will track the bank used for any alterations. The determined rate and interest paid fluctuates over the course of the agreement, making this the only package where the interest is subject to the lender’s reference rate.

Whichever package you choose, our expert concierge team will be there to guide you every step of the way. We take the time to understand your plans for the future, and we’re sure to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Porsche 911: Your questions, answered

By now you should hopefully have a good idea of which Porsche 911 you’re looking to buy. If you’re still unsure or you want some more information before you decide, this section will look at some of the most common questions that customers have when looking to buy a Porsche 911.

What is the best way to buy a Porsche 911?

There are several options available to you if you’re looking to buy a Porsche 911. In the UK, many car dealerships will have good deals on new and pre-owned Porsche 911 models, both in-store and online. 

Perhaps the easiest way to buy a brand-new Porsche 911 is through the Porsche website, where you can pick out your preferred version, customise and order it. The Porsche website also offers approved pre-owned sales. Porsche also operates several showrooms across the UK, so you can see these cars in person and book a test drive.

How do I get the best deal on a Porsche 911?

Using Magnitude Finance will help make buying a Porsche 911 more attainable. Using our tailor-made finance packages, you can get the best deal when buying a Porsche 911. Our plans are worthwhile whatever you plan to do with your car, whether you want one to keep or you’re looking to drive the entire line-up. Our concierge team can also give you assistance on refinancing your car for the best deal.

Despite their track-focused nature, the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS are perfectly road legal. Porsche also offers the Touring Package as an optional extra to the GT3, making it a more inconspicuous design and making it more road-focused.

Is the Porsche 911 good for storage?

The newer generations of the Porsche 911 are bigger than what came before, so all of the 2022 models offer a good amount of space. For example, the base 911 Carrera offers a 132-litre front boot as well as two small rear seats, great for children or for storing extra luggage.

Financing your Porsche 911 with Magnitude

Magnitude Finance are one of the world’s leading car finance brokers, with clientele ranging from members of the England national football team to vloggers, social media influencers and YouTubers. With more than 30 years of experience and access to 20 different lenders, we offer a simple, stress-free way to get the car of your dreams.

Financing with us is easy, as our expert concierge team will work to find the perfect tailor-made plan for you, saving you the time and stress of hunting down the best deal. 

On our website, you’ll find several helpful tools that can help you out, such as a car finance calculator that will give you an accurate quote in less than 60 seconds, as well as a settlement calculator that will help you work out the outstanding balance of a loan from any agreement you might already have in place. 

Whichever Porsche 911 you’re looking for, and whatever you want to do when you have it, Magnitude will offer you a smooth and stress-free way to find the perfect car financing plan for you.

To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.