Order of Magnitude – Top 5 Cars of 2021

Order of Magnitude – Top 5 Cars of 2021

We’re sure there are many things you’re potentially looking forward to in 2021 – a holiday abroad, a music festival or even just having people round for a knees-up (remember them?!). Sadly, 2021 brings along a lot of uncertainties – however, one certainty this year will bring, is a host of new cars to keep you entertained.

Join us as we count down the five cars we’re most looking forward to this year.

5. Audi RS e-tron GT

Audi GT E Tron 1

First revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, The Audi RS e-tron GT will follow in the footsteps of the Audi e-tron SUV and the Audi e-tron Sportsback in Audi’s ever-growing electric vehicle lineup.

The e-tron GT uses two electric motors powering an axle each – similar to the breakout EV star of 2020, the Porsche Taycan. The two motors power up the e-tron GT with a breathtaking 600bhp, with a two-second over-boost function which ups the bhp to 650 when you launch the car. That’s 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds!

It’s expected to be on sale in Spring 2021, so make sure to keep an eye out for what looks set to be a front runner for EV of the year!

4. Bentley Bacalar

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar 3 1

The picture above may be one of the only times you ever actually see the Bentley Bacalar. Just 12 are set to go into production, all of which are currently spoken for, with a price tag of £1.5 million.

The Bacalar houses a 6.0 Litre W12 engine, seen in the Bentayga, Continental GT and Flying Spur. This looks to be the start of Bentley’s move into the ultra-limited bespoke cars market, and if this is a sign of things to come, we’re excited about the future.

The Bacalar offers up different styling packs, some named after London boroughs (Greenwich and Clerkenwell, if you were wondering) – which, ironically, is the last place you’d want to drive one, but the most likely place you’ll find one.

Bacalar exterior
Bacalar rainbow paint concept

3. Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

3261 17C698012 1

Bringing Formula 1 technology to the road – literally – Mercedes-AMG’s Project ONE features the same 1.6-litre V6 hybrid petrol engine as the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team race car.

The all-new hypercar has over 1000bhp and is capable of speeds well in excess of 200mph. The AMG Project ONE has four electric motors too, capable of a mind-boggling 50,000 rpm.

Having previously been set for launch in 2019, the planned run of 275 units is due to hit the roads in 2021.

2. Mclaren Elva

Large 11543 McLaren Elva

Whilst not the most practical vehicle for use in Britain, given it’s lack of windows or roof, Mclaren appears to have made the Elva for one purpose – speed. With it’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo charged engine producing over 800bhp, whilst also being the lightest vehicle made by Mclaren Automotive to date, the Elva can go from 0-62mph in less than 3 seconds. Mclaren have since lowered the amount to be produced, moving from 399 to 249. So you’ll have to move as fast as the Elva if you’re looking to purchase one.

If you didn’t catch our article on the announcement of the Elva last year you can get up to speed here.

1. Ferrari SF90 Spider

Is it a tad cliché to have a Ferrari at number one? Probably. But Ferrari seems to be getting everything right recently – and 2021 sees the arrival of the open top version of the impressive SF90.

With a top speed of 211mph, the SF90 is the home to an all-new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 internal combustion engine with three electric motors. It’s a plug-in, did we forget to mention that?

Delivery of the SF90 Spider is expected in late summer of 2021 – and is expected to be priced at the £400k mark.

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