Meet the Team: Kayleigh Dykes

Meet the Team: Kayleigh Dykes

With Magnitude for just over 3 years, Kaye is one of our experienced team members who has just transitioned into Payouts – meaning she’ll fight tooth and nail to get your deal paid out as quickly as possible!

As well as being the payouts queen, Kaye is an avid blogger and boasts an impressive follower count on Instagram. She spends her spare time hiking, travelling and blogging, and when she’s not doing any of those three, she’s busy planning her next adventure!

Kaye’s a girl of many talents she plays the saxophone, the clarinet and is also fully qualified as a cricket umpire – is there anything she can’t do?!

Did we forget to mention she holds a degree in photography too? Honestly, we could go on for a while about the different things Kaye gets up to, so instead, we’ll take you through her dream three car garage:

Dream Car – Lamborghini Urus – “This is the kind of car you can wave at the haters from and feel like you’ve really got your life going good”

Lamorghini Urus
Image courtesy of Lamborghini

Daily Driver – Mercedes Benz G63 – “This has always been my dream car, but I don’t think it’s fancy enough to be a dream, dream car!”

Small 30108 NewMercedes AMGG63 1 1

Weekend Car – Porsche 911 GT3 RS – “All in all, just a very very nice car – its iconic Porsche look and impressive interior does everything for me – it’s fast too!”

Porsche 911 GT3 2022

What does Kaye actually drive? Her very much loved, VW Caddy SWB 1.6TDI, which she’s converted into a handy little camper all by herself – perfect for adventures whenever she likes! You can check out Kaye’s adventure in her caddy on Instagram @kayescaddy

IMG 7893

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