Meet the Team: Henry Carpenter

Meet the Team: Henry Carpenter

Henry has been with Magnitude since 2019 and is a Senior Underwriter and business support specialist for our prestige team in Otley. Previously he worked for MBNA, so he knows a thing or two about finance. He’s a laid back character, but boy can he get through his work!

When Henry isn’t involved in the important business of underwriting your finance deals, he also writes our newsletters and much of our online content, so his degree in journalism has come in handy.

So what does Henry do when he isn’t working? ” I have found myself spending the last year walking my dogs and watching Liverpool. Sadly – that’s where the hobbies seem to end – I enjoy cars though, and I guess you could call the newsletter at the very minimum one of my interests!”


Henry is also a massive advocate of road trips and VWs – “My old Passat was a tank, running at 250k miles, it managed Spain and back with no issues, and then passed its MOT with no advisories. I miss it.”

Here at Magnitude, we love to hear people’s dream Three Car Garage, and here is Henry’s:

Dream Car – Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – “I’ve spent most my life staring at DB9’s, but when I saw the Superleggera my allegiances changed. What an outrageously beautiful and angry car.”

DBS Superleggera 2 min
Image courtesy of Aston Martin

Daily Driver – Audi RS6 Avant – “We’ve financed enough of these to know that this is a popular pick with most. I love an estate, and what better than an estate with 605bhp?”

Audi RS6 North Coast 500
Image courtesuy of Audi AG

Weekend Car – 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 ‘Eleanor‘ – “An iconic car, I can’t think of a vehicle I’d more like to take out on a weekend down the coast than the Eleanor.”

Eleanor Mustang
Image courtesy of Fusion Motor Company

What does Henry actually drive?  “I drive my partner’s VW Polo, but I’m currently deciding between an Audi A4 Avant, and a VW Tiguan R-Line.”

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