Meet the Team: Conall Mortimer

Meet the Team: Conall Mortimer

The brains of the office who we go to with anything to do with numbers, Conall joined our Payouts team in March of 2021, and quickly picked up the necessary skills for the job.

Away from working life, Conall is a massive Norwich City fan (somebody has to be, right?), and also follows the cricket and the F1, with his favourite drivers being Lando Norris and Sebastian Vettel. That said, he has a fondness for Fernando Alonso, as he loves the Renault R26 that the Spaniard drove to win his second championship.


Away from sport, Conall loves nothing more than playing with his dog, and when he’s not watching football, cricket, the F1 or playing with his dog (and, breathe..), Conall works out a lot in his spare time.

Here at Magnitude, we love to hear people’s dream Three Car Garage:

Dream Car – Bugatti Chiron – “You have to dream big, and it doesn’t get much bigger than a Bugatti Chiron!”

02 chiron 34 front print 1
Image Courtesy of Bugatti Media

Daily Driver – Mercedes-Benz E63 4Matic +– “I wasn’t massively into cars when I was younger, but Mercedes always stood out and I think an E-Class would be a nice fit for me.”

14 mercedes benz 2020 mercedes amg e 63 4matic saloon and estate 2560x1280 1
Image Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Weekend Car – Lotus Exige Cup 430 Final Edition – “My Dad is from Norfolk, and has always wanted a Lotus, so if I could have any weekend car, I’d want it to be a Lotus so that he could get to drive it as well – however I will admit that they look a tight squeeze on the inside!”

background final edition exige cup 430
Image courtesy of Lotus Cars

What does Conall actually drive? Sadly, Conall’s hasn’t got his Driving Licence yet, so his legs are his only mode of transport for now… watch this space.

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