McLaren 600LT – long live the Longtail

McLaren 600LT – long live the Longtail

McLaren have been teasing us with a “driver focused” 570 for a while and finally, they have revealed the fruits of their labour – the McLaren 600LT.McLaren have been teasing us with a “driver focused” 570 for a while and finally, they have revealed the fruits of their labour – the McLaren 600LT.

We don’t have all the figures yet, but to put this car in perspective, you have to remember that the 570S is a very fast, very focused car competing against the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 V10 and held in very high esteem by the motoring press.

The fastest, most powerful and most track-focused – yet road legal – Sports Series McLaren has created.

The 600 follows a familiar formula – lighter, more powerful, more track-focused – which makes LT to McLaren what GT3 is to Porsche.


McLaren claims to have shaved a whopping 96kg off the weight of the equivalent 570S and with all the lightweight options, the dry weight comes in at a wafer-thin 1247kg. Power is up 30 horses to 592 bhp with even more torque, so the car will undoubtedly be mind-bendingly quick.

The bodywork (or “silhouette” in McLaren-speak)  has been extended by just 74mm, but that’s twice the difference between  the 650S and 675LT which does indeed look longer tailed. The new panels are all made from carbon-fibre, helping to save weight and there is a new front splitter, side sills, extended diffuser and fixed rear wing which all contribute towards increased downforce and a more aggressive look. The Senna-style top exit exhausts reduce the car’s weight and brings the engine sound into the cabin. They also throw out some pretty cool pyrotechnics, if McLaren’s teaser video is anything to go by.



McLaren have fitted bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres which will sharpen the car even further on track complimenting the car’s quicker steering and sharper throttle and brake response. The engine mounts are also stiffer. Overall, 23% of the parts on the 600LT are new.

Inside, the “track-focused” cabin has the Carbon Fibre Racing Seats from the McLaren P1 and the Super-Lightweight seats from the Senna are available as an option.


The limited-production run begins in October 2018 and is expected to last for around 12 months with UK prices starting from £185,500.

Our verdict

The fact that McLaren models move on so fast means that this will be a desirable vehicle. The 570S is sensational to drive, and McLaren have cleverly worked some of the Senna’s hardcore mystique into what is already a great looking and very accomplished car. If you’re a fan of the McLaren brand – you’ll want one.

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Images courtesy of McLaren Automotive.