Land Rover Buyer’s Guide

Land Rover Buyer’s Guide

Mostly known for its luxury four-wheel drive and multi-terrain vehicles, Land Rover is a British vehicle manufacturer with a rich history of producing prestige cars with off-road capability in mind.

Responsible for creating the distinctive Range Rover car range, Land Rover has gone on to establish itself as a notable vehicle manufacturer of several luxury British SUV cars.

If you’re looking to buy a land rover – you’re in the right place! Magnitude can help you finance and acquire the dream Land Rover car you’ve always wanted. If you’re after a premium car like the Range Rover, check out our incredible prestige car finance packages.

This guide has all the information you need to know if you’re looking to buy a Range Rover car. We’ll cover:

  • A brief history of Land Rover and Range Rover
  • The difference between Land Rovers and Range Rovers
  • Why choose car financing to secure your Range Rover?
  • Which Range Rovers are currently on the market? 
  • What are the best Range Rovers to buy? 
  • Everything you need to know about buying a Land Rover
  • What finance packages are available from Magnitude to secure your dream car

History of Land Rover

Land Rover is a historically British brand – so much so that it was granted a Royal Warrant from King George VI in 1951. First revealed to the world at the Amsterdam motor show in April 1948, the original Land Rover was intended to be Britain’s answer to the Jeep. Robust, strong and quite a basic design, the first Land Rover could be driven on all terrain but was admittedly nothing too special compared to its cars of today.

The Land Rover remained the same for years – and it wasn’t until 1970, when the Range Rover arrived on the scene, that Land Rover would make the move towards going more upmarket. While their original offerings were quite basic, the Range Rover allowed them to reach a more prestigious market. The continuous production of the Range Rover was a pivotal decision for Land Rover.

Though the Land Rover remains a popular luxury car brand for those who love powerful cars, if you’re looking to finance small, sleek, prestigious motors instead, why not check out our supercar finance products?

What is the difference between Land Rover and Range Rover?

Range Rover and Land Rover are both often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same car. Land Rover is the name of the company that produces both Land Rover and Range Rover models. Range Rover is the luxury line of the Land Rover brand, providing the most prestige models, whereas Land Rover makes up the less prestigious range of cars that are intended for utility and combatting off-road terrain. 

It’s easy to get the two mixed up, but as a general rule of thumb, many Land Rover models like the Discovery and the Defender are more suited for off-road purposes, while Range Rovers exist for those who desire luxury. Both of these cars can be pricey, but one of our flexible finance products – like our Balanced Payments Plan – could help you.

Types of Range Rover

There is a series of refined Range Rover models that petrolheads can choose from. There are currently four models that you can buy if you were to finance a brand new vehicle:

  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Evoque 
  • Range Rover Velar

Each of these variants is upscale, suave and boasts a lot of luxury. Secure your new Range Rover today with a Land Rover & Range Rover Finance Package from us. We will match you with the best lender to suit all your needs and requirements.

Range Rover SVR

Why choose car financing to secure your Range Rover?

Owing to the luxury performance and splendid appearance they provide, purchasing a Range Rover can be a huge investment. However, there are multiple finance options for you to choose from when purchasing your new vehicle

We know how much a car enthusiast would love to acquire a Range Rover – but we also know the costs associated with buying one. If you’re looking to bring down the costs of purchasing a car from the Range Rover range, car finance is one of the most popular options available. It’s worth opting for car finance if a Range Rover is on top of your car wishlist since they can be very costly to purchase outright.

Here at Magnitude Finance, we are proud to have helped several customers secure a range of prestige cars and vehicles through cost-effective finance packages. With a network of lenders to hand, we find car finance plans that can be tailored to best suit the requirements of the customer. 

If you’re wondering why choosing car finance to secure your new Range Rover is the best option, check out our car finance academy. Financing a Range Rover is no different to financing any other car: the benefits are plentiful. Car finance is the ultimate option when you want to drive and own a new car without having to save up and spend all your cash at once to secure it. 

Prestige cars cost a bomb brand new, and buying one with cash can almost feel impossible for even customers who have saved up for years. With finance, however, you can pay for your car in monthly instalments without having to spend a lot of your hard-earned money in such a short amount of time.

Finance a Range Rover with Magnitude

We are a reputable car finance company that specialises in providing bespoke funding for prestige vehicles. You can purchase a brand new luxury vehicle with help from our knowledgeable car finance team and exclusive finance deals.

It’s no easy decision to decide whether or not buying a Range Rover is the right choice for you. That’s why we have an expert concierge team who you are more welcome to discuss anything with when you come to us for a custom finance solution. Our credible team will walk you through all the stages of financing a car as well as talk you through each of the finance options that are available for you to pick from.

There are several options available when it comes to financing a luxury car like the Range Rover with us. You could, in theory, trade in your models or part exchange once finance is finished – perfect for those wanting to drive as much as possible. But if you wanted to keep your car at the end of the agreement, you could purchase a Hire Purchase Finance or add a Balloon Payment option

Everything will be made simple and easy to understand when you finance a Land Rover or expensive car through our finance broker services. We are transparent and honest about everything, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that everything will run seamlessly, and there will be no hidden payments to worry about.

With a selection of car finance products and options for you to pick from, you can rest assured that we will source a finance deal from one of our reliable lenders and help you secure your dream car as soon as possible. You can explore our range of car finance options for your new Range Rover below.

What finance options are available for a Range Rover?

Owning a Range Rover is a sumptuous pleasure in itself, let alone driving one. But we think you’ll have even more pleasure driving your new car if you pay lower fixed regular payments. We understand that everyone’s finance options are different, so for that reason, we offer a complete range of finance deals for all Land Rover cars.

Our deals are bespoke to your individual needs, financial requirements and your desired vehicle. When financing your car, our finance options include:

  • Personal Contract Purchase
  • Hire Purchase 
  • Hire Purchase + Balloon
  • Balanced Payments

We will go through these finance options in more detail later in this guide. To learn more about what we can do for you, skip to our car finance section below! For more car finance tips, visit our finance tips page on our website for the latest advice.

Which Range Rovers are currently on the market?

So you’ve decided that you’d like to purchase a Range Rover using a cost-effective finance plan. That’s great – but which Range Rover model are you going to buy? 

There are currently four different Range Rover models available on the market at the moment. Though they vary from one another, they’re all renowned for their high performance, sleek refinement, splendour and unmatched driving experience.

 Choosing which model you would like to get behind the wheel of can be somewhat difficult – especially if you don’t know a great deal about each variant and what they offer – which is why we have outlined each of the four models currently available and put together some information to help you determine which Range Rover is the right one for you.

The New Range Rover

The first model from the muscly British car brand that we’re going to talk about is the one and only Range Rover. 

Its name is simply Range Rover – and rightly so – since it radically defines everything that a large luxury four-by-four SUV like the very first Range Rover should offer. One simply can’t talk about Range Rover models without mentioning the Range Rover. Nothing makes a statement like the sheer class, refinement and presence of the Range Rover which blends a touch of traditional class with ultra-modern technology. 

In 2021, Land Rover’s famed Range Rover entered its fifth generation with a breathtaking facelift both inside and out. The Range Rover stands proud as the original luxury SUV and its latest upgrade makes it a car that is sure to stand the test of time with its magnificent modernity, integrated technology and sustainable luxury. Fit up to seven adults in this prominent SUV and provide them with a degree of comfort, modern luxury, performance and plenty of spacious room. 

When you discover the heated leather steering wheel, two 10-inch touchscreens, heated reclining perforated leather seats, and interactive driver’s display, you’ll start to question whether the new Range Rover Is actually a car or somewhat of a sumptuous penthouse with four wheels. 

Ultimately, the Range Rover is the epitome of a luxury SUV and provides a touch of British style and luxury. There is no better way to establish yourself as someone who lives a life filled with style and luxury than by driving a new Range Rover from the Land Rover brand. If you would like to add to your luxury lifestyle without chipping away at your wallet, why not consider a bespoke finance deal from us at Magnitude to secure your new Range Rover car? No matter your requirements, we can arrange a tailored finance deal to best suit your needs!

New Range Rover Sport

Unapologetically big and bold, the new Range Rover Sport seamlessly combines high-tech features with lavish amenities and fine driving. Land Rover very recently introduced the latest generation of the Range Rover Sport in 2022 and they sure have not failed to impress when it comes to utility and appearance. If you’re after a large prestigious SUV like the Range Rover with a blend of sporting refinement and performance too, the Range Rover Sport is the car for you.

Those looking to add to their luxury lifestyle experience by securing a sporty SUV like this model could really benefit from a prestige car finance plan from Magnitude. Range rover buying is made simple with our various finance plans. The contemporary Sport model is both extremely powerful and agile, also coming with electric seats and a sports wheel which makes the interior look awe-inspiring. If you’re a fan of sporty cars but would like to tick a Land Rover vehicle off your car list, we believe that this is the car you need.

Shorter and lighter than the regular Range Rover model, this sport descendant is just as capable of driving anywhere with zero hassle. It’s expertly engineered to exceed every challenge thanks to its thrilling performance and optimised efficiency. While the stealthy headlights, elegant grille, cylinder heads and sculpted lower bumper express boldness and authority, the crisp body panels and smart exterior highlight the power, speed and performance that the car boasts.

You can secure your new Range Rover Sport with a Hire Purchase or PCP finance package from us.

Range Rover Evoque

It was clear that the Land Rover marque had progressed significantly as a car manufacturer when the Range Rover Evoque was originally launched at the North American International Auto Show in January 2009. With its stunning rear body and splendid interior designs, the Range Rover Evoque is a modish car that makes all other SUV vehicles look somewhat outdated. It’s the smallest of the Range Rover models with a revolutionary design that set the mark for the Land Rover brand. 

If you’re looking for a Range Rover that offers the best looks and modernity without being too brutish, the Evoque is the model for you. This descendant of the Range Rover looks the most modern from the outside without focusing too much on looking classy. This is shown in its remarkable alloy wheels which look extremely modern and impressive. 

The Evoque is the smallest Range Rover and it’s also the lightest and most fuel-efficient. This smaller variant of the Range Rover allows you to focus more on the intricate design details of the car and gives the car more of a coupe-like look to it. The Range Rover may be a prestige car, but it is far from being a coupe – however, the Evoque is the closest you will get to a coupe silhouette. The size makes no difference to its performance as the Evoque still boasts on and off-road handling as well as all-weather capabilities. 

Range Rover Velar

For drivers who are looking to enhance their luxury lifestyle by financing a prestige car, look no further than the Range Rover Velar.

If style, sleekness and class is the most important thing you desire in a car, we think the Range Rover Velar offers the most of these particular traits. The Velar is superior to the Evoque, more classy than the Sport and more stylish and refined than the Range Rover. It takes influence from the classic silhouette of the Range Rover but maximises style and technology. 

The Velar is futuristic and ultra-modern but still looks opulent and sumptuous. This is the car that’s going to make you look most classy. When it comes to the exterior design, the Velar is probably the most stunning and appealing. With an array of advanced technologies, flush handle doors and staggering Matrix-laser LED headlights, we’re sure this car is the most incredible pick of the bunch when it comes to design.

On the centre stack, two 10-inch HD touchscreens are prominently displayed. It offers you access to the most recent upgrades, including maps, applications, and car software modules. It also has cutting-edge visuals.

What are the best Range Rovers to buy? 

We’ve discussed in detail each of the Range Rover variants that are currently available on the luxury car market. You may now have some idea of which model is right for you. At Magnitude Finance, we have the expert knowledge and guidance to help you form decisions as to which is the best Range Rover for you to buy. This choice completely relies on your needs and preferences. Each model offers a wealth of benefits which are suited for different customer preferences. 

We will explain which Range Rover is best for a multitude of reasons below. If you’d like a bespoke finance solution to help finance any Range Rover or prestige car, get in touch with us at Magnitude Finance to help you out! The four variants offer something special. We’ll explain in more detail. 

Best Range Rovers for off-road driving

Of the four models available on the market, the Range Rover is unchallenged when it comes to off-road driving. The Range Rover has everything and doesn’t compromise on quality when driving across all sorts of terrain. The largest model of the Range Rover lineup, it is an immense and robust off-road vehicle that will give you great confidence both on and off the road. 

Explore the realms of the world and discover the wilder side of life with a Range Rover. Don’t be fooled by the lavish interior, this vehicle is a behemoth that can tackle all types of terrain.

Whatever you decide to buy, each of the Range Rover models provides exceptional off-road driving abilities. The Velar has advanced features that are great for handling off-road tracks, while the Evoque which includes Land Rover off-road driving features is also a great choice for offroading. Let’s not forget that the Sport model has an outstanding off-road capability with its impressive Terrain Response systems. 

Best Range Rovers for travelling 

There are many things you may look for in a car but the travel aspect is one of the most imperative. The main purpose of a car is to get you from one place to another. Travelling is what most cars are used for and your car must be ideal for travelling in. 

With extreme durability and plenty of interior space, we think that the Range Rover Evoque is the best choice for long-distance travelling. If you’re a long-distance driver with an eye for adventure, the Evoque is not too complex to manoeuvre and has the lowest running costs. Above all, it is the most energy efficient and so it is the best travelling variant for both drivers and the environment. This car is built to last – so why not finance it with a PCP Car Finance or Hire Purchase Car Finance from Magnitude today? 

Best Range Rover for families

If you have a family and are searching for the ideal luxury family SUV, then we think that either of the Range Rover cars is the right fit for you! When it comes to a family car, space is paramount. 

Although it’s the smallest of the Range Rover family, the Evoque is a great family car and thanks to its longer wheelbase, it actually provides a lot more space inside than other small SUV cars. The rear of the car is very roomy and spacious. The boot space is sizable and immaculate and the rear seats are snug. Enough said, the Evoque is shaping up to be one of the more popular options! 

Best Range Rovers for going electric

Six of the seven cars in the Land Rover brand offer electric variations. All four of the Range Rover cars can come as a plug-in or hybrid model. Options for the Range Rover variants include Automatic Petrol Plug-in and Automatic Petrol Plug-in Hybrid. 

The Range Rover and its Sport, Evoque and Velar models are all great examples of an Automatic Petrol Plug-in Hybrid SUV. The best 5dr Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Auto 4WD Euro 6 (s/s available on the market is arguably either of the Range Rover models that Land Rover currently offers. 

Everything you need to know about buying a Land Rover

Land Rover is renowned for producing luxury SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles with capability and style in mind. Land Rover vehicles are symbolic and offer the best of British luxury. While they are recognised for their robust and rugged build, they have also built a huge reputation for their sumptuous design and luxury interior and exterior. 

Land Rover remains a popular brand due to its approach to being full-on luxury with each vehicle it manufactures. Land Rovers provide strong performance, utility, remarkable off-roading capabilities, advanced technologies and refinement both inside and out. There is nothing more luxurious and classy than an automobile from the Land Rover company.

Is Land Rover a trustworthy brand?

When buying a car from any manufacturer, it’s important to ask whether or not they are a trustworthy brand. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the automotive industry, we know a thing or two about the Range Rover brand. In fact, we know quite a lot!

Land Rover is currently owned by Indian car manufacturing company Tata Motors which also owns Jaguar. The two car manufacturing giants are now commonly known as Jaguar Land Rover since they are owned by the same company. At Magnitude, we also offer Jaguar Finance, so don’t hesitate to check out this guide too.

Land Rover is a well-known brand but it is, however, notorious for not being the most reliable. Range Rovers have had some production issues and production delays in the past, which hasn’t helped with the brand finishing towards the bottom of reliability surveys.

How much do Land Rovers cost? 

Land Rover is a luxury car brand and so its cars come with a rather hefty price tag. The cheapest Land Rover car starts from around £34,010 brand new, which is certainly a huge price to pay. If that seems a lot, we at Magnitude can help you out. 

If you want to get the keys to a brand new Land Rover or Range Rover car, our dedicated team can arrange a custom car finance package to help you acquire the car of your dreams. Let’s run down the costs of Land Rover cars below.

Current Land Rover Prices (new):

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport – from £34,480
  • Land Rover Discovery – from £55,750
  • Land Rover Defender – from £58,635

The Range Rover models are slightly pricier. That said, the Range Rover Evoque is the cheapest car currently available from the Land Rover brand, starting at £34,010. The most expensive model from the super marque is none other than the New Range Rover which starts from £99,375 – it’s a monster!

Current Range Rover prices (new):

  • The New Range Rover – from £99,375
  • The New Range Rover – from £80,325
  • Range Rover Velar – from £34,010

That’s the full price list of Land Rover cars and cars from the Range Rover family. You may be blown away by the whooping cash prices – but don’t let that put you off. With a tailored finance plan like a Hire Purchase Agreement with Balloon Car Finance or Balanced Payments, you can get behind the wheel of your most desired car without having to break the bank with one huge outright payment.

Why buy a Land Rover car?

For those who care about style and those who want to travel with maximum comfort and arrive at every destination with the ultimate elegance, you will find both Land Rover and Range Rover models to be extremely attractive since they both provide a strong combination of size, stability, and luxury refinement. It’s also a great car marque for those with big families.

These vehicles have incredibly advanced switchable all-terrain systems that are more than capable of handling the majority of anticipated detours off the road. 

Off-roading capabilities aside, it’s the exceptional comfort and modern luxury that pulls many car buyers into purchasing a Land Rover or Range Rover car. The boxy silhouette and magnificent and modern interior could allow you easily mistake the cars for a luxury apartment on wheels.

Range Rover buying: Finance packages to secure your dream car

If you would like to secure your dream car, a finance package will make doing so far more achievable. Financing a Range Rover has never been easier thanks to Magnitude. We have a range of finance products that customers can purchase to help secure the keys to their dream car.

With access to over 20 lenders across the car finance industry, we can assure you that we are in a great position to secure a car finance plan that is more than capable of meeting your personal requirements and preferences. 

What we do best is tailoring individual finance solutions intending to meet a complete variety of criteria that customers outline when applying to us. The car finance packages that we offer to secure your dream car have been split into four finance categories:

Hire Purchase Finance

New to the car finance landscape? Hire Purchase Finance is about as straightforward as it gets. As the most popular finance type, Hire Purchase Finance entails monthly payments rather than paying in full and when the agreement ends, you own the car outright.

You are essentially leasing a car with this agreement as you acquire the car right away and have to pay instalments monthly over a fixed period of time. Once you’ve made the final monthly payment, you have full access to your prestige car and no extra payment costs to weigh you down.

Customers will principally rent the car over a two to five-year period after making a flexible 10%–40% deposit at the start of the finance plan before they then own the car outright. If you want to keep the keys to your dream car, this plan is for you.

Hire Purchase with Balloon 

Similar to a traditional Hire Purchase, a Hire Purchase with a Balloon includes a delayed (balloon) payment at the end of the contract which – in turn – reduces the fixed monthly payments. 

This deferred payment is referred to as the balloon payment. It’s cheaper monthly but you’ll have to pay the balloon payment when the package ends. This is a fantastic solution for customers wanting to reap the benefits of both  Hire Purchase Finance and PCP in one finance plan.

This package is suitable for car collectors who purchase several cars as they pay the lowest monthly price – much lower than a usual Hire Purchase Finance plan.

Balanced Payments

A Balanced Payment Package provides all the benefits of a fixed monthly payment but without a fixed rate. Instead, this plan is liable to changes in national interest rates.

The amount of interest you pay fluctuates along with the rate during the duration of the agreement.

This is an ideal finance package for customers who have borrowed to fund the acquisition of a prestige car in the past.

Personal Contract Purchase 

If you are looking to switch up your car regularly and swap between various luxury supercars, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is what you need.

For those who demand a car finance plan at a lower fixed monthly rate than other finance plans like Hire Purchase, look no further than a Personal Contract Purchase.

This agreement enables you to pay for your new car over a settled time period. At the start of the plan, you’ll have to pay a deposit of just 10-12%

FAQs: Financing a Land Rover or Range Rover – Your questions, answered

If you’re eager to finance a prestige car from the Land Rover marquee – we understand that there are likely a few questions you want answered. We’ll delve deep and answer your questions about financing a Range Rover – new or used – below.

For more answers and information, take a look at our Car Finance FAQs here.

What are the different types of Land Rover?

Land Rover currently manufactures three car models within the Land Rover family: the Land Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport and Land Rover Defender. These are luxury models but they strive more on being practical than just attractive.

Land Rover also produces the Range Rover family. The Range Rover variants include the Land Rover Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque. The Velar is the most luxurious by design. 

How do I approach Range Rover buying? 

With access to over 20 credible lenders and partnerships with UK retailers, our services have been engineered to best suit the requirements of our customers. Our complete range of finance products can help you approach Range Rover buying in the best way.

Our committed concierge team has the experience to help secure the best finance deal for your new or used Range Rover. We can offer PCP Finance, Hire Purchase Finance, Balanced Payments and Hire Purchase with Balloon.

What is the price range for Range Rovers?

One look at the stunning exterior or lavish interior of the Range Rover is enough to determine that their prices aren’t cheap. The cheapest model is the  Range Rover Evoque which starts from £34,010 and the most expensive is the New Range Rover which starts from £99,375.

The base price range for Range Rovers is around £35,000 to £100,000 when you look at it.

Does Range Rover do electric?

Land Rover is no stranger to electric vehicles nowadays. Six of the seven vehicles from the Land Rover brand can come as plug-in hybrid options but they do – of course – cost more than the fuelled models. The Land Rover Discovery is the only car that doesn’t offer an electric variant. Fully electric variants are in line for release soon.

Financing your Land Rover with Magnitude

Here at Magnitude Finance, we strongly believe that we are the go-to finance broker for all prestige and luxury cars. This is thanks to our exclusive deals, technology advanced finance tools and expert concierge services. Let’s not forget our exceptional customer service which is second to none.

We have helped a number of customers secure their dream cars and supercars with assistance from our reliable team and our unmatched Car Finance Products and packages. Rest assured, we will find the ultimate finance package that meets your finance requirements exactly. We can even provide any expert car advice for anything from sourcing a comprehensive service history to the use of a head gasket in supercars.

We are a finance broker, not a lender but using our several years of experience, we promise to source a great range of finance deals from over 20 trusted lenders. We take all of your preferences into consideration when tailoring a finance plan that is bespoke to your needs. As well as our exclusive finance offers, another perk of financing a Land Rover or any other car with Magnitude is our nifty finance tools. With both our car finance settlement calculator and car finance calculator, you have access to everything you need to finance a car.