E10 fuel: Is greener petrol killing your sportscar?

E10 fuel: Is greener petrol killing your sportscar?

From September 1st 2021, the majority of the UK will be using a new fuel in petrol-powered vehicles. E10 petrol is coming into circulation fast due to the government’s green plan. The plan is an attempt to reduce environmental waste and lower emissions from UK motorists.

E10 fuel is more eco-friendly as it contains less carbon but more ethanol – 10% more actually – hence the name E10. Due to the lowered carbon content, it is less harmful to the environment.

All petrol vehicles built after 2011 should be perfectly fine on E10 petrol. If you are unsure if your car is compatible with it you can use the government’s fuel checker to make sure.

This could see some issues arise for classic sportscar enthusiasts with modern classics like the Ferrari 430 or Lamborghini Gallardo not being compatible with e10 fuel.

What options does e10 fuel leave you with?

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It has been confirmed that existing “super unleaded” petrol will still be available as E5 petrol for 5 more years. Following this, it will then undergo a review to approve or reject its continued sale. It does however come at a cost, with an average per tank increase of £6.50 according to Autocar. Standard petrol will from now on be of the E10 variety and this could make E5 petrol more difficult to get hold of in certain locations. The good news is that E10 wouldn’t harm incompatible cars if you fill up by accident, but prolonged use is a no-no.

Hopefully, this doesn’t spell the end of the classic sportscar, as icons like the Lamborghini Gallardo aren’t easy to let go of.

The ultimate removal of E5 petrol from circulation could leave only one choice for most classic and sportscar owners. That is to go through with potentially costly and extensive engine modification in order to make the engine compatible with E10 fuel. Read more on this here.

E10 fuel doesn’t affect diesel cars, for reasons we hope will be self-explanatory.

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