Harry’s Garage – Tesla Model 3 Performance real-world review

Harry’s Garage – Tesla Model 3 Performance real-world review

What better way to pass time, now that the government has imposed a near-lockdown, than explore the world of electric cars? Harry Metcalfe drove the new Tesla Model 3 before the travel restrictions – so take a virtual test drive with him.

If you know Magnitude, you’ll know we’re huge fans of Tesla and all things electric – we have a fleet of Model X and Model 3 – and we finance a lot of Teslas.

Take a look at Harry’s latest video below, where he looks at the ins and outs of owning a Tesla Model 3.

Harry’s Garage Tesla Model 3 Performance Real World Review

Harry has spent time over the last few months exploring PHEV and full EV options, testing hybrid Range Rover and BMW X5 as well as the Jaguar I-PACE. Now it’s the turn of the Model 3, and he makes some very useful observations.

  • Whilst the Tesla Model 3 Performance has a smaller battery than its competitor, the Jaguar iPace, the Model 3 still manages to eke out over 100 miles more range from a full charge – that’s some going.
  • Tesla has monopolised the electric vehicle charging market, with stacks upon stacks of Tesla Superchargers across the UK, making charging a Tesla faster, easier and more convenient than other types of electric car.
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  • A 150kw Supercharger point can charge your car from flat in under an hour (closer to the 40-minute mark in reality) – which, whilst being a lot slower than filling your car with petrol, is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned. Harry’s 336-mile round trip cost a mere £18!

If you’re looking to finance a Tesla, make sure you check out our finance calculator and our page dedicated to all things Tesla.

It’s worth noting, that Tesla Model 3 is not currently available on PCP, but we have a host of options to ensure you can be driving away in your Tesla Model 3 in no time!

Images courtesy of Tesla Motors Inc