Ferrari 296 GTB hybrid supercar on-road review

Ferrari 296 GTB hybrid supercar on-road review

Which is better, the 296 GTB, or the Ferrari SF90?

Ferrari is THE most well known supercar brand without doubt, producing beautiful cars year on year, and the 296 GTB is no exception. The companies first V6 hybrid car, with the V12 on its way out and the V8 soon to follow, this is an example of just where the world of supercars is going, with full electrification to come. Does the smaller engine mean this is a slower car though? Erm…no.

Maximum output from the V6 and the electric motor together is 819bhp, yep, ridiculous. That’s 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, topping out at 205mph.

With the 296 starting at just over half the price of the SF90, this could well be the way for many to get into Ferrari’s hybrid future. We can absolutely see why you would want one, so we’ll leave it to Harry to help you make up your mind!

Harry is one of the most trusted voices in the automotive world, best known for founding Evo magazine with a group of talented motoring journalists back in 1998, along with writing for Octane Magazine and The Sunday Times. Harry also became an outside advisor to Jaguar Land Rover, helping with JLR Special Operations. One thing is for sure, he knows his stuff.

What are your thoughts after watching? Is the 296 GTB the better choice of the two? Or is the SF90 just too special to pass on?

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