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Car Equity Release


Looking to free up some funds?

Want to invest in something new?

Equity release is a product that allows you to unlock cash from the value of your vehicle.

Most commonly associated with homes, prestige and classic vehicles can be a very viable option if you’re looking for funds to use elsewhere.

Whatever financial freedom means to you in life; renovating your home, helping out your family, boosting your investment profile – equity release is designed to help. Our concierge team are here to help discuss your options, and how equity release would work for you, contact the team for a chat.

What is equity release?

Equity release is an easy way for you to use assets you already own to free up funds for another use.

As an example, you might have a classic or prestige car that the lender gives an underwritten value of £100,000. You can then borrow up to 80% of that value, secured against the vehicle to use elsewhere.

This can be a great option if maybe an unexpected cost comes up, or may work out cheaper than finance if you were looking to renovate a part of your home.


What can I use equity release for? Case study

A client required some funds quickly after a flood damaged their kitchen. The customer owned a small collection of cars, one of which was a classic Aston Martin. After contacting us, we managed to secure an underwritten valuation for the car from the lender and set up a package with payments that worked for the client over 3 years. The client was able to take 40% of that value to fix and renovate their kitchen.

Classic cars work well with equity release as they are more likely to have a value that won’t fluctuate hugely throughout the agreement.