Driven: Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS

Driven: Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS

You won’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last to roll your eyes if someone started raving about a Porsche Boxster. But trust us on this – the 4.0 GTS is special.

Whilst the Boxster may be the ‘least expensive one’ in the Porsche catalogue, the German manufacturers have pulled no punches with their latest model, the Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS.

Who better to review the latest Boxster than a man who was there at the launch of the first generation in 1996 – Harry Metcalfe. Now he asks the question – is this the greatest Boxster ever?

Harry’s Garage Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS Review

Harry’s no stranger to Porsche Boxsters:

“I’m old enough to remember the launch of the original Boxster, back in 1996. It turned up, and it had a 2.5-litre engine, which quickly grew to a 2.7-litre engine. It was a great thing, it was priced correctly but always sold for premiums. But, when you actually drove it, you always thought ‘Ah, I wish it had a bit more grunt…”

Well, 24 years on, the Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS appears to fulfil that wish.

The new Boxster GTS is sensibly priced and as well as being the perfect entry-level Porsche, it is also one for aficionados to consider adding to their collections.

Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS: The Numbers

  • 0-62mph – 4.5seconds
  • 394bhp (as powerful as the 996 Turbo)
  • Top speed of 182mph
  • 4-Litre 6 Cylinder engine is the biggest flat-six engine in Porsche production history
  • Dry weight of 1400kg*
  • Starting from £66,340.00

*Having weighed it twice, Harry’s weighed just 1280kg!

The engine is the same unit used in the GT4 Cayman, delivering a solid 394bhp with plenty of torque, and it sounds superb.

One thing that Porsche consistently get right is their meticulous eye for detail, ensuring that the moment you take a seat, you’ll feel at home with the perfect interior placement and rock-solid build quality.

Whilst the interior ticks many boxes, one box that you may think twice about ticking on the order form is for the GTS interior package with Harry noting that the only notable difference about this optional extra is the liberal placement of the GTS logo.

The Boxster GTS is practical too – Ok, you won’t be taking the kids to school in it, but we’re sure you’re ok with that – why do the kids get to have all the fun?

With two boots, both front and rear of the vehicle, the Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS offers a handy amount of room for getting in those suitcases – ok, carry on bags – to allow you to get to your destination in style.

Porsche have also taken into account your needs whilst driving a convertible. They have paid particular attention to making sure that you can make and receive calls with the roof down, without the person on the other end asking you to ‘speak up’ through the wind. Whilst maybe not the most important factor on your car shopping list, it’s something you’ll definitely appreciate in the long run.

What probably makes the Boxster GTS better than the rest, is it is a car you can both use on your daily commute, and also enjoy on the track. It’s beautiful build quality and immaculate finish, coupled with that fantastic power plant and finished off with its all-round practicality, really makes the Boxster GTS a triple threat.

For roughly £75,000 (that’s the base model with sensible extras), you can get what Harry describes the as ‘one of the best Porsches ever to go on sale’ – he even goes as far as to compare it to the cult classic 911 Carrera Club Sport.

Driving it may just help you forget about 2020.

If you’re looking to finance a Porsche, make sure you check out our finance calculator and our page dedicated to all things Porsche.

Harry was surprised at just how readily available the Porsche 718 4.0 Boxster GTS was when he contacted Porsche. So, if you’re looking to get behind the wheel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, with a range of finance products available for you.

Images courtesy of Porsche Media