Driven: Ferrari F8 Tributo

Driven: Ferrari F8 Tributo

A supercar that needs no introduction, but certainly warrants one, the Ferrari F8 Tributo is almost certainly (we’re holding out for some Special Projects) the last of the line of Ferrari’s mid-engine ICE V8’s.

With it’s piercing good looks, the F8 Tributo is in our opinion one of the best looking Ferrari’s ever, despite the subtle evolutionary rather than revolutionary design. But does it drive as well as it looks? Let’s be frank, if it didn’t it wouldn’t be a Ferrari but let’s get a second opinion anyway…

Watch Harry Metcalfe taking the F8 Tributo through its paces below, as he asks the question – is it too fast for the road?

Harry’s Garage Ferrari F8 Tributo Review

Ferrari F8 Tributo: The Numbers

  • 0-62mph – 2.9seconds
  • 720bhp
  • Top speed of 211mph
  • 3.9L V8 Mid-engine
  • Dry weight of 1435kg
  • Starting from £202,000.00*

*The F8 Tributo comes in at a fairly reasonable price for a supercar of £202,000. However, there are an astronomical number of optional extra’s fitted to the Tributo that Harry drives – an impressive £123,000 worth of extras – making the final cost price of this vehicle £325,000.

The F8 Tributo is a beautiful looking car, with plenty of nods to previous Ferrari models.

Harry describes the Tributo as “an Armani suit”, in reference to its sharp lines and meticulous tailoring. Ferrari has managed to design a stunning looking car, with near every aspect of the car having a purpose. It’s aggressive ‘snake-eye’ lights pierce the soul, but also offer improved aerodynamics with smooth running lines.

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To the rear, the F8 Tributo’s louvred rear window pays homage to the F40, with it’s rear lights a firm nod towards the lights first seen on the 308. Its spoiler remains integrated and fixed, with Ferrari opting to use the rear diffuser for added aerodynamics and downforce, with movable flaps.

The optional extra’s are a big talking point, with a range of options available to make your F8 exactly how you’d like it. From carbon wheels to £980 titanium wheel nuts & carbon fibre “rocker covers”, there are literally a thousand and one ways to personalise your Tributo. Ferrari even provides a unique plaque made in your vehicle’s honour – taking pride of place in the boot – detailing every optional extra you chose.

Harry isn’t a fan of Ferrari’s choice of a four-point harness in the press car provided, but is it a nod to what this car was truly designed for? The passenger-side display all but confirms it with a readout of the vehicle’s speed and RPM. Passengers in an F8 never have to push themselves through G-forces to sneak a look at the driver’s speedometer ever again.

Sitting beneath the Tributo’s rear-window, is its 3.9L V8 engine, producing 720bhp, with a top speed of 211mph. The engine propels the F8 from 30mph to 60 in just one second if you have the vehicle in ‘Race Mode’ – something which Harry describes as ‘ballistic’.

What you may experience however, with a vehicle that can gain speed in such an insane manner, is that you find yourself the wrong side of 60mph more often than not. The slightest pressure on the accelerator will see you thrown back in your chair, a constant reminder of the prodigious power you have under your right foot.

On bumpy Cotswold country roads, it’s evident that the Tributo is a little out of it’s comfort zone. It’s not a car for an inexperienced driver, as every corner you’ll find yourself holding your breath and holding tight as you search for the apex. It won’t let you down though. The Tributo seems to want to be free, urging you to enter the corner to unleash it’s true potential upon exit.

It’s due to this, however, that Harry questions whether the Tributo is in fact, too fast:

“I just haven’t got enough self-control to drive this car. It is so ridiculously, stupidly, crazily rocket-powered fast that I would be going at illegal speeds all the time. You need to push it to really feel what this car is about.”

If being too fast is Harry’s only criticism, it would be safe to say that Ferrari seems to have got everything just about right with the F8 Tributo.

Harry praises the extraordinary performance of the vehicle, commenting that “all the steering, all the brakes, they all feel so in tune with the car” continuing, “If I owned a track, or lived in Italy where there’s a different attitude to speed, then I would own it”.

If you feel the need for speed, the F8 Tributo ticks every box.

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Images courtesy of Harry Metcalfe