Drive The World – crossing the Australian Outback in a Porsche 911

Drive The World - crossing the Nullarbor plain in a Porsche 911

There are drives, and there are epic drives. Crossing the massive, deserted Nullarbor Plain  is a uniquely Australian experience, but not so in a Porsche 911.

The journey from Adelaide to Perth in Western Australia is a rite of passage for many Australians. The Eyre Highway spans 1,034 deserted miles from Port Augusta, South Australia (population 14,000) to Norseman, Western Australia (population 600) and both towns are a good day’s drive from anywhere. The total distance from Adelaide to Perth is 2,700 kms, it takes 4 days and crosses the world’s largest limestone formation – the Nullarbor Plain.

Australians don’t take crossing the Nullarbor lightly – getting stranded in the Outback hundreds of miles form the nearest town can have serious consequences – but this is a roadtrip of epic proportions that should be on very petrolhead’s bucket list.