Customer Drives – Porsche Cayman 718 [video]

Customer Drives – Porsche Cayman 718 [video]

When the Porsche Cayman was introduced in 2005 it was widely acclaimed as the best handling car that Porsche had ever built, and it also begged the question – is it better than the 911?

Porsche have done a great job since then of balancing the relationship between their flagship sports car – the rear-engined 911 – and the mid-engined Cayman. The 911 has more prestige and more power, while the Cayman fills the niche of what many would describe as “the thinking man’s sports car”.

The Cayman has come a long way since the original – which was really a Boxster with a roof – but it has lost none of its driver appeal, unless like some you lament the demise of Porsche’s flat-six engine…. The 718 Cayman has a 2.0-litre, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 300 bhp even in the base model, so an extra 30 bhp over the 2.7 6-cylinder car, but the key question is does it drive as well and sound as good?

Sam of Seen Through Glass recently purchased a 718 Cayman S and gives us the low down on the new car. It’s a really useful owner’s insight into driving and living with a Cayman and Sam answers many of the questions potential Cayman owners will have when considering a purchase.

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