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Driven: Porsche 918 vs 911R

Porsche’s two halo sportscars, driven on one of the best roads in the world. So how do they compare?

McLaren Speedtail: Art meets Science

“A momentous unity of art, technology and velocity.” McLaren’s new Ultimate Series “Hyper-GT” – a phrase it appears to have coined itself – may just have created a new niche….

McLaren Senna – a new niche?

McLaren’s new Ultimate Series vehicle is the most extreme McLaren road car yet – but what is it for and who is it aimed at?

Top ten automotive headlines – October 2017

Magnitude Finances’s monthly roundup of this month’s top ten news stories from the automotive industry – October 2017. This month – Dyson takes on Tesla, Aston Martin takes on Ferrari……..

McLaren F1 – the new 250 GTO?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the McLaren F1 is considered by many to be the greatest car ever created. Despite this, it still plays second fiddle to…