Best in show #notGeneva

Best in show #notGeneva

Ok, so the 2020 Geneva Motor show didn’t happen, but that didn’t stop manufacturers having their own Show And Tells back home. Here are our top picks from the show that never was.

Gemera exterior 1

Koenigsegg Gemera

A four-seat “Mega-GT”, the Gemera has a dry sumped 600 bhp 2.0-litre, 3-cylinder engine which weighs less than 70kg and fits in a cabin bag. Combined with three further electric motors and Koenigsegg’s Direct Drive, total power output is 1700 bhp. If you are even faintly interested in engineering, you need to head to the Koenigsegg website… Find out more

Gemera interior 1 high

Porsche 911 Turbo S

The 992 Turbo S has 70 bhp more than its predecessor, which means 125mph arrives 1.0 second quicker. The new 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine puts out 641 bhp and Porsche claim it is more responsive, more efficient and freer revving. PASM has been upgraded, the aero is improved and wider all-round it looks the business. RRP – from £155,970.

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

The Bacalar marks a return to coachbuilding for the oldest coachbuilding company in the world. A two-seat Barchetta inspired by the EXP 100 GT concept car just 12 cars will be built for customers. Price – £1.5 million, order book already full. Find out more

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar 9 1

Aston Martin V12 Speedster

Using bonded aluminium architecture from the DBS and Vantage clothed in a carbon fibre body, Aston Martin’s handling guru Matt Becker says of the Speedster “for raw, driving thrills the V12 Speedster is unparalleled”. Only 88 will be (hand) built, prices from £765,000 & deliveries from Q1 2021. Find out more

Aston Martin V12 Speedster

McLaren 675LT

A 765 PS, 1339 KG, a track-focused slice of Woking heaven. Who needs a Senna?  Find out more

Hyundai “Prophecy” Concept EV

OK, it’s just a concept, but…. It has shades of a futuristic CLS – let’s hope they build it.

And the also-ran…

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

The once-great Hispano Suiza produced some unique pre-war cars – sadly this design is as over-complicated as its name.