Aston Martin reveals new Vantage

Aston Martin reveals new Vantage

With Aston Martin looking set to make a profit for the first time since 2010, the new Vantage looks like another step in the right direction for the reinvigorated manufacturer.

The 2005 Vantage was a new model in the Aston Martin line-up, despite borrowing a name which had been in use since 1951. It was a sports car – a 911 competitor as opposed to the GT cars Aston Martin had built their name on – and opened up a whole new customer base for the manufacturer. With a 12-year production run, a myriad of models and changes in that time and successful motorsport campaigns that a saw a Vantage GTE winning the GTE Pro class at Le Mans in 2017, the Vantage has served Aston Martin well. The new car has a lot to live up to.

The New Vantage

The new Vantage is a big step forward. 500 bhp from the AMG-derived twin-turbo V8 and an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission might sound run of the mill these days, but they put clear air between it and its predecessor. The new Vantage has a claimed dry weight of 1530 kg with all lightweight options, (that’s just 20kg more than the new stripped out and significantly less powerful Porsche 911 T) but has an extra 60 bhp over even the track -focused, £165,000 Vantage GT8.  0-60 takes just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 195 mph and Aston Martin claim a 50:50 weight distribution. In terms of technology, Aston Martin has added dynamic torque vectoring and a new E-Diff to the specification. Power steering is electric and the chassis is an evolution of the DB11’s.

The car’s design also shares much with the DB11 and we are sure it will divide opinion. The 2+0 body is made of extruded aluminium with steel panels and includes many cues with the DB11 including the clamshell bonnet. The next generation Aston interior looks like the flight deck of the USS Enterprise compared to the decidedly old-school interior of the previous car. Aston Martin has focused on the vehicle’s underbody aerodynamics, which combined with the rear deck lid generate significant downforce.

Deliveries are set to start in the second quarter of 2018 with prices in the UK starting from £120,000 – up from the previous starting price of the outgoing Vantage of just under £100,000. Given the significant advances Aston Martin have achieved and that the new Vantage is effectively competing with the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 V10 now, the price hike doesn’t seem unreasonable. There’s plenty of competition out there, but hey – this is an Aston Martin….

Aston Martin launched the new Vantage GTE race car at the same time. It’s a great looking race car that Aston Martin’s drivers seem enthused by – not surprising when you consider how old the last car was – and we look forward to seeing it racing in 2018.

Our Aston Martin finance calculator will include figures for the new Vantage very shortly.

Images Courtesy of Aston Martin/ Drew Gibson