Alpine A110 – better than a Porsche 718 Cayman S?

Alpine A110 – better than a Porsche 718 Cayman S?

Is the hotly anticipated Alpine A110 a match for the mighty Cayman S? Cayman owner Sam of Seen Through Glass lets us know what he thinks.

For the 2017 A110, Alpine have used pretty much the same formula as the 60’s original – lightweight, a punchy 4-cylinder engine and a feelsome driving experience. If you aren’t familiar with the original, it won the inaugural World Rally Championship in 1973 and still has a cult following today – think of Alpine as the French Lotus.

The last Alpine – the A610 – rolled off the Dieppe production line in 1995, but the factory was kept busy building Renaults such as the Williams Clio, Renaultsport Spider and the V6 Clio. Now, owners Renault have the production capacity to build 6,000 Alpines a year, starting with a limited run of 1,995 A110s.

The rear mid-engined, RWD 250 bhp A110 weighs just 1,100 kgs and looks to have been pitched directly as a rival to the Porsche Cayman. Prices start at £50,000 for the standard car, but can it really compete with the popular and brilliant-to-drive Porsche? Sam drives it on road and track – watch and learn!

A110 interior

Alpine A110