Settlement figure calculator

Our car finance settlement calculator will calculate the outstanding balance of any loan.

This formula assumes all payments are made on time and that you have an agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. Please note that there may be additional settlement penalties for non-regulated agreements.

If you wish to settle any finance agreement early and you are a Magnitude customer please give us a call. If not, we recommend that you contact your existing finance provider for an exact figure.


What is a settlement figure?

An early settlement figure is the amount still owed, plus interest and charges if you want to pay off your car finance early. Our settlement figure  calculator does not include any additional penalty charges that may be incurred. For regulated agreements, this is normally an exit fee equal to around just 58 days interest charge.

How is the settlement figure calculated?

The calculator uses the Actuarial method, as required by the (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004 in the UK.