Porsche GT4 RS vs 992 GT3 | Flat out in the Italian Mountains

Porsche GT4 RS vs 992 GT3 | Flat out in the Italian Mountains

This might just be the perfect spot for these cars…

Porsche has produced some masterpiece cars over the years, with so many hits it’s hard to keep track of them all! In recent times the GT4 RS and the 992 GT3 have proven to be very much in this bracket. Very different cars in their own right, both extremely capable of giving you the drive of a lifetime – even more so if that drive happens to be in the Italian mountains with a friend.

Make yourself comfy, grab some popcorn and take in the beautiful sights of the Italian mountains with Mark and two stunning German supercars. Mark has been working with Magnitude for a while now, producing some beautiful content ranging from drag races in some of the most exclusive cars available to classic car features and nationwide firsts like getting access to review the first Ferrari 812 Competizione in the UK.

Making a choice between these two would just be impossible for us, possibly why GT3.Milano chose to have both! There really isn’t much between these two in terms of speed stats, with the top speed and 0-60 of both cars being basically the same.

The difference here is dependent on what kind of driving experience you are looking for. The GT4 RS has a mid-engined setup that makes the experience so much more involved, whereas the GT3 has the more traditional rear-engined Porsche feel that so many love. The point here though is that the GT4RS is the one you’re going to pick if you want to really drive your car, with a much more involved experience.

With new cars still being delayed at the moment, used markets are still sitting strong with both of these models. If you would like to find out how much a Porsche would be for you, try our calculator for accurate figures in seconds, with our team on hand to help you get a bespoke deal tailored to you, or check out our Porsche buyer’s guide, along with our 911 and 997 buyer’s guides.