The new 2019 Porsche 992

The new 2019 Porsche 992

Evolution not revolution has always been the name of the game for Porsche when developing the 911. Meet the new 992, successor to the 991…

The Porsche 911 (991) was introduced in 2011 and is replaced after seven years by a car that looks very similar but offers more of the familiar, tried & tested 911 formula – but the launch of a new version of the world’s best sports car is always an auspicious day.

The 992 in numbers

0.4 seconds quicker to 62 mph than the previous model (3.7/ 3.6 secs for C2S/ C4S)

5 seconds per lap quicker around the Nurburgring

Steering 5% quicker

8th generation of 911

New 8-speed PDK transmission – 7-speed manual still available.

+30 bhp on S models over 991

191 mph top speed

444 BHP as standard for S model

1,565 kg  – 55kg more than the 991

£93,110 starting price for the Carrera 2S with PDK gearbox –  £98,418 for the AWD 4S.

1,000,000 911s now sold.



It might look broadly the same, but the body has changed – it’s broader… 45mm wider at the front than the 991, the rear wheel arches which are also wider and are shared across all models, unlike previous generations where two-wheel drive cars got a narrower body. New LED headlights,  significantly wider adjustable rear spoiler and the near-obligatory full-width rear light-bar maker it easy to differentiate from a 991.


The door handles are now neatly integrated into the door, as are the exhaust pipes into the rear bumper. New creases – a nod to previous designs –  have been worked into the bonnet.



The interior is completely new and represents the single most obvious visual change to the car. The central rev counter remains analogue while information on either side is provided on new digital displays, and a new 10.9″ touchscreen takes centre stage behind a new stubby gear selector.


Quicker, more powerful, more efficient, better fuel economy and heavier pretty much sums it up.


New Assistance Systems.

Porsche have added new driver assistance systems. Porsche Wet mode, which helps modulate the car’s behaviour on wet roads, is standard. Night Vision Assist with thermal imaging camera is viewed via the 10.9″ touchscreen. In the UK we get two further exclusive digital offerings: the Porsche Road Trip app for “extraordinary tours”, and the web-based Porsche Impact emissions calculator for neutralising your individual carbon footprint.


Porsche continues to take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” development model with the 911 – and who would want it any other way?


Images courtesy of Porsche AG. Magnitude Finance and DSG Financial Services are Approved suppliers to the Porsche dealer network in the UK.


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