Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I can't get an online quote?

Whilst our aim is to facilitate as many options as possible online, we do have situations where we have to manually review a client’s options and are happy to provide a bespoke option.

How long does the process take?

Whilst we have transacted a deal from start to finish within 24 hours, we find most clients have a few days to sort the finance and arrange the monies to be released. We can work as quickly as required and use technology to assist where possible.

Why not use the dealers finance?

Magnitude will always give you ‘best advice’ we normally recommend getting a quote from the dealer and if this is more suitable we will confirm that. However, from experience we know that having a panel of funders and hundreds of options we normally have a better solution available.

I have bad credit - can you still help?

We like to look at all proposals individually. Some instances are not as bad as clients often suspect so we help guide where we can, and if an option is available we will discuss that in every circumstance to get the best possible deal for our clients.